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for Stars of the Void

3/17/2018 c3 Crazy here
Got login problems and computer will login when able.
5/4/2015 c3 10Just a Crazy-Man
Lov great update
4/22/2015 c2 ww1990ww
A builder of a grreat civilzation? Please tell us that it will be Rassiion? The thinks he can make... or maybe not. Since Time Lords don't like magic. At all. Last time when they didn't liked something they rewrite reality to destroy this.
4/21/2015 c2 1Dairegh
Hm. There was pretty much no actual description of the ships, so I have no idea what kind of mess she's about to step in.
4/21/2015 c2 Elongation
Well, I can say if this story will be good or bad, but for the moment I am curious.
I will read the next chapters.
3/25/2015 c1 10Just a Crazy-Man

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