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for Greys in Green (Revamped)

1/16/2019 c2 Dressyone22
This was a really good chapter. You could a change in Astoria clearly as the battle went on. I cant wait to see how she and her family deal with being on the losing side and the struggles that come with being a pure blood family in a world that will now hate them and accuse them of supporting Voldemort for that fact alone.
1/15/2019 c1 Dressyone22
I am always interested in reading the viewpoint of those on the opposite side of Harry Potter.
10/10/2016 c12 Guest
Hi:) I'm enamored with yours story. It's wonderful. I hope you will udate soon but don't feel pressured. Live your life and maybe find some ounce of time for us humble fans;)
8/30/2016 c12 Guest
Hey:) I absolutely loooove your story. I actually binge-read the whole thing in two days and it was awesome! Will you be updating it in the near future? Please keep on writing!
7/29/2016 c12 6ChrissyMDase
Update soon please. I am really getting into this story. :D
1/4/2016 c12 hpfan
LOVE IT! Please continue!
10/4/2015 c12 Guest
Your updates definitely make my day! You're awesome!
10/3/2015 c12 Dani.GS
Oh noooo! She's finaly realising she like him and now you do this!
Hope her mad idea is put on that dress and go after him!
Update soon
9/23/2015 c11 Dani.GS
Finallyyyy! Yeess!
Malfoy, you idiot! Y u have to ruin evrything?!
They have fallen for eachother, obviusly, why can't they see it?! Ugh!
Anyway, great chapter! Update soon
9/22/2015 c11 Jily71102
9/22/2015 c11 Guest
GAHHHHHHH WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME? (sorry, I had to get this out of my chest)
Now, seriously, I loved that chapter, even though Astoria and Draco aren't getting along...again...*sighs*
7/20/2015 c10 1thatgirlyoudidntknowabout
Great chapter! I can't wait for the next one. I love how the characters are portrayed and I really think that you captured exactly how I pictured Astoria Greengrass. Keep up the good work! I hope to see a new chapter soon :)
7/19/2015 c10 ContinueChaos
I like Archie, he's such a realistic and we'll written character . More Archie in this story please. Astoria parents male me laugh this story could do with more of them please .
love the story
enjoy your travelling
7/19/2015 c10 Dani.GS
Draco's jealous! He's so jealous and I think he doesn't even understand why! And she's in denyal! Ugh!
7/19/2015 c10 Guest
Oh, Draco... *shakes head*
I think Astoria began realising she still fancies him!
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