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for You Can Still Be Free

1/26/2002 c1 14Leia Skywalker
I just went back through my rewiews and realized that I hadn't reviewed you back like I had promised. I'm sorry!

I enjoyed reading your fic! It was very well written!
1/3/2002 c1 6Sailor Tami
That wuz a great fic! Like the little poem that went along with it. Are you going to write a sequal?
4/27/2001 c1 Draggy
Awwww... really cute story, I liked it!
12/10/2000 c1 6Lexly
That was pretty cute. I liked the song you used in here. But anyway, nice fic and later! =)
11/14/2000 c1 23AnimeCat
wow...nifty. i rarely see HY+RP that i like, and this was one of them. it was sweet. thanks for reviewing my You Can Still Be Free. ja ne!
11/13/2000 c1 1Kanami
IT'S GREAT!( That sounded like Tony the tiger on the frosted flakes commercial. Sorry.) I really liked it. keep up the good work!
11/13/2000 c1 21Bittersweet Symphony
I love Heero and Relena fics and that was sweet!
11/13/2000 c1 4cadet noin
very sweet i'm not huge relena and heero fan but that was very cute ^.^ yeah! Noin you brought them together! i hope you get many more reviews for this, i know how it is,and i'm a savage garden fan too!

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