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for The Gamer of Sunagakure

11/22 c13 1Masteria
I like this story!
I discovered it late this year and I am sad that it hasn't been updated since 2017. I hope you continue to write it, or someone adopts it with your permission.
10/24 c13 Guest
It’s been a while and no new chapter. I’m going to abandon this as you’ve made a great story, but it seems you also abandoned this as well. Good luck in your writing endeavours I guess.
10/19 c12 Mr Zy
Why the no drinking thing I thought as soon as you got your headband you where seen as an adult
10/19 c12 Mr Zy
Taijutsu is useless against late game bosses like madara...tell that to guy
9/30 c13 LaresUchi
This story is very good. The character build seems to be interesting and his Gamer ability is interesting. It's the first time I've seen a Gamer system that offers an auction, or a possibility to pause ("freeze") reality temporarily, or offers an option to restart (go back in time) or make character restrictions based on age. I like things so far, I must say that in my opinion robotizing characters becomes quite boring. Unfortunately I've read stories with Gamer system that leaves something to be desired in this area of "humanization" of character. The characters become very strong but unfortunately they are worse than ROOT agents. So far this hasn't been happening in your story, which is very good. D
The story is a little slow paced but not a nuisance. I hope Genji gets a genin team soon.
Hope you are okay and can continue this story
7/19 c13 12linkiepie2214
Moar please
7/15 c12 Ricee
I fully expected him to save before gambling, then after he knows the results go back and put all his money on the winner
7/10 c4 Ghost012
the man didn't mince his words"ninja's are heroes". WTF. wht the actual fuck
7/1 c13 diegosotoperez2003
Cuando actualizas?
6/27 c1 Reader25846
So your gonna buff the enemies to match the MC, I guess that's the logical thing to do to prevent things becoming too boring.
6/19 c1 1TH1811
Are we just going to gloss over the fact the the abyss auction has slaves…
6/9 c13 Reader
One of the fanfic with very amazing details that I've ever read.

One thing that I think was completely wasteful was that Genji NEVER exploited the save feature to its full potential. He could have completed every bonus objectives. Gambling would not be a gamble. He could even try to learn fatally risky things (like restricted justus or dangerous places) and then re-learn them after loading. He could also commit immoral but very effective info collectings by kidnapping, torturing, and killing.

Also he tried emulating Han Jee-han's abilities REALLY LATE. Genji should have allocated a lot more WIS. Or rather, shouldn't he be much wiser and efficient with that high of WIS?
6/7 c13 Accurateplushie
Too bad you aren't updating anymore. It's a really good book.
5/2 c13 3The Humble Hobo
pls update
4/29 c5 sammy1230
I’m 99.999% sure this is dead, but it was really good so I hope one day it starts updating again
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