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10/31/2017 c9 38Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
awsome chapter the hocus pocus sisters were so awsome and the cottage being in holloween town was so chilling. I also like seeing the tension bwteen Riku and Kyra becasue it fet geniue and Riku does have a lot still to get in the heartless restiances good books. Its nice seeing Kyra and wests bonding but i was supised to find out Kyra and Rusty had some dealing with the witches before. Still the chracters were on the spot and one again i like the supise with using other chracters as secret boses located on differet words. I hope one of the secret boses would cause both teams to fight it either way this chapter was cool
10/31/2017 c9 16MysteryGirl7Freak
You did it! A few grammatical errors, but you did it! You got a hocus pocus chapter up in time for Halloween. I really liked it:) The interaction between the witches and our heroes, Mary and Rusty barking at each other (hilarious), Sarah being her dumb, weird self ( also hilarious). I can't think of a better way to start my Halloween day. Now, I just need to find the movie...
10/31/2017 c9 Tashasaurous
This was so awesome, I loved it! Perfect touch for Halloween! By the way, I went as a Witch for Halloween this year, lol! Looking forward to more of these in the future!
10/31/2017 c9 2SuperSonicBros123
i've actually seen that movie before, but only the ending so i was sorta confuesd on what was going on, shocked to sudenly see a talking cat in the movie. that was years ago so i hardly remember the details.
9/14/2017 c8 38Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
Got to give you propos i wasn't expcting thoose andrioids to be the secret boss in the incredible word. I was expcting the mole guy villan i just love that suprise when you used thoose chracters. I admit i don't know their franchise well but after reading what they look like i kinda supected it could have been them. I like how well you mad them out as secret bossess i got the same feeling when i fight a super hard boss when the playbale chracters all but defected and are on their legs it was chilling brought me back some memories when i went up agasint Sepiroth and Lingering Will. Great chapter i like orgionallty that sqaue enix game was used makes me hope other games like Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger might get in. Great chapter and nice use of chracters
2/28/2017 c7 Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
awwww this was so cute made a lovely early b day presant Dragon x kyra forever i loved it and the explanation of the name was great made fantastic one shot thank you so much
2/19/2017 c6 4operation meteor
A friend of mine recommended that i check this out. I like the concept, I never thought of a Star Wars/Kingdom Hearts crossover before. It's a very interesting idea.
1/17/2017 c6 38Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
Thank you so much for letting me write this chapter i really have had a blast with it. I really love Star Wars and Darth Vader he is my favorite movie villain of them all he just has this unnerving presence about him. I was worried i rabble on with the whole wormhole idea the reason why i added in is because well considering there were two straight inter galactic wars between worlds i found it strange that Mickey or the committee didn't hear about wars with clones and a empire in control of planets. So i thought what if the sw universe was in a different part of the kh universe a place where both Key blades and force live seperatly with little knowledge of the other. I wanted Kairi to be the foucs chrater in this chapter becasue Vader is someone who like Xehnort and Maleficent is a number 1 repserntive of darkness considering some of the acts he has done along with the killing its hard not to ignore the darkness in him which i thought a heart of light like her's would find a match in terms of oppsoite so i wanted to build the tension between them with the dreams and visions. I really wanted to try final form Kairi becasue i know this might sound geeky but eversince the toy story world i have been edgeing to see one of the other weilders use the other forms so i gave her final form to show how powerful she has become and how far one needs to go to beat a secret boss. I picked Oblivion and ferir as her blades to repsent Vader Fenrir to show he is a broken warrior and oblivion to show his darkness. The reason i had Kairi have a lightsaber scar and Vader's eye piece was becasue simply when you meet someone like Vader you are porbbaly going to remeber him for a long time becasue he will give you somthing to remeber him by. I was worried you may not like it becasue its kinda a change the lightsaber back scar but its up to you. what got me was the spelling mistakes i did make a quite a few and i wonder Mickey and Sora's end speaches im worried i may have made them sound forced and not with the character personalty. I hope i did not put you on the spot with the ending where the empire finds out where the heros live and also with Kairi having a lightsaber scar with vader's eye piece if i did i aplogise. Its up to you if you want this chapter in your kh univerese canon or not im just glad i was able to this chapter and show off one of my favroute villans my only questions is what did you think of it all.
12/23/2016 c5 2SuperSonicBros123
wow, this this quite the oneshot you made on my request i gave you. not exactly the plot i gave you, but it's even better than i thought it would turn out
12/23/2016 c1 Guest
I also hope u con't another side, another story soon, riku was gonna have his heart ripped out of his chest no pun intended. I also hope u con't reconnected pt 2 of halloween town. Maybe u could also do a story of west's time in the realm of darkness and the world that never was before she escapes, I also want to see chain of memories and kh2 to see how riku and his friends are coping with west's dissappearence.
12/23/2016 c5 Guest
Cool! I also hope u do christmas town before christmas in reconnected fanfic soon! And a very merry Christmas to u.
12/23/2016 c5 38Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
this was a nice slice of life. Seeing Sora reunite with his old crew was nice. However he also met Yuna sorry its just wouldnt he have reconized her in 2? either way it was a nice chapter and a cool update of the island bosses the fighting in it was awsome. If this was a tournament in the game what would the prize be a keyblade or somthing? but it was cool and the heart was in the right place seeing how Sora's freinds have seen he has grown up it was a nice chapter
9/21/2016 c4 Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
wow this was awsoem Mozenrath is a cool villain he's liek Jafar expect more ounger and has a biggger serious look. He made a great secret boss the way he split the gorup, used heartless along with his blank sand made him really unbeatle he amost won, Luckliy Aladin cam dude was s awsome and they all took him down Mozenrth really needs to find a way to stay powerful without his glove otheriwise he's going to loose all the same time. Nice nod to Kurt Zisa that ws a pain the butt. Aladdin is a great character im glad he got this expansion on his world story. I really enjoyed this chapter it was the best, Em for secret bosses for Roxas team what about Leroy or that black cyborg stick, i dont want to stick the knife in but maybe a star wars boss? i know you said you werent having it in reconeted but tales is like an expansion with the secret bosses and stuff. Liked the chapter cool nod to Aladdin it was great
9/21/2016 c4 8Dark Maiden95
Doesn't Sora know that Rule No. 1 of dark, creepy kingdoms is never, EVER split up? It never ends well for the heroes. XD

Anyway, I was so happy to see this get posted! Mozenrath doesn't get the love he deserves, I wish they'd bring him back somehow. I hope we'll see more of him in your fics! :)
9/21/2016 c4 Tashsasaurous
I'm surprised you even put Mozenrath into this too. Didn't think he'd ever appear in Kingdom Hearts, fanfiction or not. Great idea!

Did you hear about the 0.2 game within Kingdom Hearts 2.8 that's coming out in January next year? I was so looking forward to it for December, but blame FFXV's delay for delaying that awesome game. Anyway, the 0.2 game is an Aqua story game. I'd like to see a bit about her since she has yet to appear in either of your stories.

Looking forward for more, my friend!
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