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for If One Never Left

10/23/2019 c4 8Sassyvampmama
thanks for sharing
10/19/2019 c4 Guest
I hate when authors post a story as complete when it clearly isn't.
10/19/2018 c4 5SheWolfMedjai
Please continue!
1/20/2018 c3 Guest
Really enjoying your story
12/13/2017 c1 7era-romance
My complaint so far isn't really a flame per say...more of a small issue: If your going to write in another language... in this case Spanish...please remember to post a translation either immediately after or at the end of the chapter. I don't have access to a translator as I am reading this via the ff app (can copy/paste) so it's a little tedious guessing what exactly the characters are saying or using Google translate.
10/8/2017 c3 3jeoliverio
I don't know if the story is done but I like it?
9/18/2017 c3 Julianna Baxter
Can you put the translation up. I mean I know I could go online and find it but I'd rather know what you meant then fuck it up and insult someone again.
9/16/2017 c3 2Peacelovefairy
I like alot more soon please thank you
1/8/2017 c3 1B4bidden
pls update soon
9/4/2016 c3 10narakunohime
Please continue.

Would like to see what happens next.
2/29/2016 c3 1Chise Sakamoto
Nice! So adorable!
7/22/2015 c3 Guest
So far so good. Please do continue to write this story it has been very enjoyable. Ty for sharing your writing talent.
6/25/2015 c3 4What's so wrong with me
I'm really enjoying this story and I hope you update soon, I love Bella's character and this story is well written and I can't wait for the next update :D
6/13/2015 c3 1klaroline.makaylasotp
I loved it and can't wait for an update...and would love more of Jackson...I am super curious as to how Bella finds out she's mated to Jasper.
5/29/2015 c3 6slytherinshadowhunter67
Yass I read AN's! By the time I read your last chapter you already had this one up, though, so I thought it was kinda pointless. Anyway, your story is pretty cool, and the OC thing sounds cool too :D But I could do without the spoilers, I don't like those. :)
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