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for A Game of Sith and Thrones

11/18 c8 6stevem1
This is a good story. A Sith prince is exactly what Westeros needs. No one less ruthless would be able to whip it into shape.
10/30 c1 Brezer
just comment to those detractors saying a Sith wouldn't know about printing press and etc... you forget who deklar was before he was a Sith, he was from earth. he was ROB'd and became a plaything of hers, printing press is pretty basic info for an elementary education on earth to say the least and as a Sith he was a master of propaganda. so combining those is a boost for him.
10/30 c1 Brezer
really love the fic. please continue.
10/27 c1 BigRig2.0
Trash fic, he’s a sith without the force or technology which is pointless, possessing knowledge of a world he shouldn’t and on top of all that he doesn’t even act like a damn sith
10/14 c1 Guest
This actually is trash, you fell into the same trap door everyone else does. A sith wouldn’t have such a Indepth understanding of a steam engine or a typewriter or printing press. He’s a sith why on earth would he have ever bothered with such Stone Age technology.
10/2 c1 Kerick
Why does the oc know info as if they were a self insert? I was to understand from summary this was a sith in game of thrones. Not SI in Star Wars that jumped into GOT...
9/27 c8 4Black Magic99
this story is much better than i expected, please continue it
9/18 c8 TRedGreg
This is good keep up the good work!
A couple of questions
Is he an SI that went to star wars uni and then here?
Is he full lannister or is there a chance for him to been half baratheon?
Isn't he been a little bit to nice even in his thoughts he doesnt sound like a sith to me anyway but i dont know his backstory. If he has one where can i find it?
9/15 c8 nater0730
9/15 c1 Necromancy94
I’m confused I thought this was a Star was crossover so how does he know the plot of Game of Thrones like the white walkers are coming but other things he has no idea about
9/15 c6 Caliberious
This would be hard , good Chapter
9/15 c8 Caliberious
Good work , do continue
9/15 c7 Caliberious
Good for him
9/14 c4 Caliberious
Interesting developments well some things don't change
9/14 c3 Caliberious
His intuition is right, good work
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