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for Blood Hands

1/4/2022 c13 10lovesmesomedanilalol
I know I've read this before, but it was longer than this, what happened?
4/8/2021 c10 Arrows-n-IT
hahahaha I cant breathe ... this was so good the babble ..ahhahahahhaa
4/8/2021 c8 Arrows-n-IT
Ohhhh wow... that last part was powerful
4/8/2021 c6 Arrows-n-IT
Ohhhh Mad protective Oliver is so Amazingggggggg
12/23/2020 c9 Guest
I was interested in this story after reading the summary, but I'm finding it really hard going.

I am a massive fan of Felicity but I can't stand her in this fic, she's just an awful mix of objectionable, arrogant, naive and hypocritical. Her constant refusal to listen to Oliver and her insistence to do things her way, when she has no idea of what she's actually facing becomes tiresome and childish.
It seems like she purposefully puts herself in danger to try and prove something and just expects Oliver to pick up the pieces and protect her when she's got herself in trouble.

I think Oliver has been well written, Digg could be a bit more present, as there isn't much of his voice in all of this. Felicity however is written as childish, ignorant and demanding.
10/27/2020 c12 Jessa88
i love this story so much and i really wish you would continue it!
9/6/2020 c12 FellowBookReader
Please don’t leave this story! It’s brilliant with so much potential! You write Felicity even better than the show writers and I love Oliver in this! The character dynamics between Felicity, Oliver, and Diggle are so wonderful please please don’t abandon this story.
4/29/2018 c12 Shelbysmommy228
I have really enjoyed this story! I read it in one sitting. Is there any chance of you finishing it? I would really like to find out what happens at the gala. Thank you for sharing.
1/23/2018 c11 Astepp21
I love your story please update I would love to read more
12/12/2017 c12 Astepp21
I have loved reading this it’s well written and defiantly kept my attention. Can’t wait to read more!
9/8/2017 c12 Tudee
I just discovered this story and I love it! I need to know how it ends. PLEASE! I will keep checking for updates. Hope to read more soon.
6/1/2017 c1 readingishappiness3
I am very bummed you didn't finish this story. Your writing is amazing and it ended before I was ready. Please continue this!
10/30/2016 c12 15MiLa63
Yay! Great job!
I loved how you wrote all the angst and build up, but I am so glad the stupid tension is gone (for the most part).
This back story is really dark and depressing, but I think you've balanced it out well with the romance and leveity of QC and Felicity.
Please continue! I guess that the person in the Bratva looking for Felicity is her father (or someone looking to control her father)! So excited to see how it ends! Pleas continue!
8/28/2016 c1 Guest
Love this story.
8/20/2016 c1 greekmythfan
Love, love, love, hope you finish it someday
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