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for Godzilla & Gamera: The Gyaos War

4/14/2016 c30 Julian the Dreamer
Another great story :D

Shifting from humans to Gyaos as the big bads seemed like a good move to me :D
3/6/2016 c30 2Gojifan54
That was awesome
2/22/2016 c28 1Tyrantking544
Epic man I didn't expect the super Gyaos though at the end, I though it could be Iris because you hadn't shown him in the flash back so a tad dissapointed there, but who am I kidding it was excellent I hope you continue doing this story and hopefully another chapter very soon
2/20/2016 c27 11VG-Classics-Fan
Gamera: "I've felt worse"

Yeah, impaled several times, injected with a parasite, blew his arm once, and frozen twice!

Then Godzilla comes along to beat him up some more.

Good ol' Turtle Luck!

Anyway, the chapter was great as always.

Can't wait to see if the two Kaiju Kings will cooperate this time or Godzilla will go territorial again.
2/20/2016 c27 2Gojifan54
12/21/2015 c24 Guest
Gamera trying to reason with Godzilla...

If Rice could hear Godzilla's thoughts...

I do t know why but I already imagine Godzilla yelling with a heavy Cajun accent at Gamera saying:


I like the story's flow. Good work.
11/14/2015 c23 Guest
Go Gamera!

Poor Blade... Just when he thought that those people were dead when there was a chance to save them... he realised it too late... really painful.

Liked the little selfie humour there!
11/3/2015 c22 Guest
Alright! Turtle Power!

Sorry, it was TMNT that got me into Gamera in the first place!

Cant wait to see IF he'll do the Mana Blast, Also known as a Kaiju Kamehameha (Which roughly translates to 'Turtle Destructive Blast')!
11/1/2015 c22 Guest
Gamera's back!
Time for some Turtle Action!
8/5/2015 c1 grimlock 2099
Could you put irys and toto in this story with them teaming up with gamera and godzilla in the next chapter
7/6/2015 c14 Guest
So where did Gammy disappear to if the subs didn't find him or Godzilla?

If he was still unconscious/hibernating like Rice said then he isn't supposed to move around... unless Godzilla moved him...

Can't wait to find out!
7/6/2015 c15 Guest

That last chapter made me feel like Im watching an unpublished episode of Twilight Zone.


I already feel sorry for Rice and Nagamine if Yamagata showed them their other selves.

Keep em coming!
6/19/2015 c10 Stars r fallin
Post more chapter ASAP
6/5/2015 c10 Guest
Awesome !

Things are heating up!

Poor Gamera got his hands full. First the Gyaos gang up on him then the military and now Godzilla decides to join the ride!

Looking forward for the next chap.
6/1/2015 c10 5Xahraxs
Sweet. King vs. Guardian. :)
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