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8/18 c9 Tiramisu-Kun
Why didnt she mention the taste of brandy tho?
oh right. Alcohol.
8/17 c163 MissingBread
Finally caught up on a bunch of chapters at once, what a delight. Thank you both for the updates!
8/15 c163 1MrMuffles
I will admit, I got solidly thrown for a loop there at the beginning before I realized what was going on-excellent writing that really conveyed the confusion going on in their heads! Fun as always, looking forward to the upcoming epiphanies elucidated by enunciations of experiences of Emerald's effect on the... Eind!
8/14 c163 PixelMoon
Love this chapter. It's a bit of a perfect storm brought on by Emerald. Great to see the all out fighting, but also the doubt, the justifying, and eventually putting everything on the line with Weiss not defending from Blake. I want to see these two 1) have recovery cuddles and 2) sit down and have a meticulous comparison of tonight's events and rope in Goodwitch. The tongue lashing is going to keep bothering Weiss and she will doubt if that was real too. I'm imagining team RWBY starting one of those wall boards where the red strings connect everything trying to figure out exactly what they're dealing with and it's got a picture of Neo in one spot and Mute? on another and that's connected to password Checkmate and somewhere off in a corner is something outlandish like Ninjas.
8/14 c163 2merendinoemiliano
8/13 c163 19The Unplanner
Really, the first indication something was wrong should have been the fact that they were evenly matched rather than getting totally dunked on by "Neo".
8/13 c163 Random65
Oh dear, and YES YOUR BACK! Consistent-ish updates are back for this story! I missed you so much its been like 3 years or more?
8/10 c162 1MrMuffles
Alright, now THAT was some villaineering right there! Awesome chapter, and I like the way Weiss is so close to noticing the illusions-if only she wasn't panicked, if only she wasn't in a rush, she might have the time and presence of mind to figure out it doesn't make sense. Looking forward to finding out Blake's epic tunneling skills : )
8/8 c162 30iHateFridays
Embracing for the pain ;(
8/8 c162 2merendinoemiliano
Quite badass job
8/7 c162 2Mugen-Muse
So close. Well, I hope Glynda and Peach manage to capture Emerald. Preferably without needing to slam the heads of Weiss and Blake together to make them stop fighting.
8/4 c161 1MrMuffles
Eyyyy Team Evil's plan is revealed! Gotta say, I love how y'all're writing Emerald, it really fits!
8/3 c161 phoenixprince97
I'm super enjoying this story but getting really tired of Ruby being so childish, she's 15 not 7.
8/1 c63 1NerdLord2nd
score one for the dog pile strategy, here's hoping that this particular capture is actually detrimental to the enemy plans
8/1 c161 1jascoe
god damn it LEAVE THEM ALONE
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