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for Canada and Vampires?

12/22/2016 c2 2GilZeAwesomePrussia
Lmao lol poor Sam and Dean, not getting in on the joke.
12/22/2016 c1 GilZeAwesomePrussia
I'm legit faceaplming at Sam and Dean.
4/17/2016 c9 Rebecca Frost
4/17/2016 c8 Rebecca Frost
Canada died.
4/17/2016 c7 Rebecca Frost
Shape-shifters are bad.
4/17/2016 c6 Rebecca Frost
4/17/2016 c5 Rebecca Frost
Canada is going to high school.
4/17/2016 c4 Rebecca Frost
4/17/2016 c3 Rebecca Frost
Very serious.
4/17/2016 c2 Rebecca Frost
Prussia is not a vampire.
4/17/2016 c1 Rebecca Frost
This will be interesting.
1/21/2016 c7 7BlueSkies GreyEyes
I feel like that if The SPN cast ever got real jobs Jared/Sam's job would really be a janitor like it kinda suits him. All the cleaning up Jensen/Dean's mess in the shos
9/27/2015 c8 10Zheawesomest
I don't normally like cross overs that much, but i really love this one. I really hope you will continue with this story soon.
8/27/2015 c8 3PaperFox64
honestly I quite like this and I really hope you will update it soon. I'd really like to read more of this story
5/30/2015 c8 Guest
Woo woo this is great! I'm excited that Lovi is here now. Maybe he and Gil will have a little competition ;) Anyway good job and keep updating!
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