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6/18 c38 Sunnyfel
I have read your story (and well, several others) several times (sunburns and other agonies of camping is one of my favorite)and wow, you are a good writer! I so love the progression in this one, it's really realistic and Tris is not being a doormat, which is great.
And this last chapter ending on a cliffhanger, ugh, it has me on edge.

I look forward on reading more, at your rythme of course, and hope life is going well for you :)
Thanks for the capter and the stories :)
5/18 c38 Guest
Loved the chapter, although it was quite mean of you to leave us with a cliffhanger. :) I hope you update soon and continue this story.
5/12 c38 10Libertygirl2995
Oh please please please write more!
5/10 c38 Red
Idk what to say.
5/10 c37 Red
This chapter is the best chapter so far. Its chilling to wake up in the train, realize uriah and tris weren't immune. Slowly find out no one knows whats going on. Hear about the first shots getting fired in the pit after the communication officers come down.

It was kinda nice to hear the middle officers try to keep order, hear that they were giving orders through the speakers and see that there are still good people trying to help, like zeke and shauna. That its not all a conspiracy, just upper leadership.

5/10 c35 Red
5/9 c33 Red
Forgot to say but, in general very interesting how you handle the fear sims. Tris isn't solving them through weird divergent magic, shes logicly trying to resolce the situation as you might in real life.

And they're not magic things that just know your worst fears, they're programs that are tweaked to fit you.

I like that. Wondering if taht also cahnges anything for non divergents.
5/9 c32 Red
Oh this was.. big.
I fucking love seeing tris standing up to people, its good to see her saying something instead of just taking it and only telling days after.

This whole danger situation is making everything way more interesting, showing something about dauntless the faction and everyone who works there. I am curious tho if the canon storyline is still on, it's harder to imagine in this version of dauntless.

Ps. i love seeing tris and co interact with the initiated dauntless.
5/9 c30 Red
Weird jump to make by christina,i think it makes sense to wanna figure out who did it. You wanna try to anticipate who might be next right? Anyway i love thus story so far, its more in depth in the actual initiation and workings of dauntless than most. And i like that even 'background characters' get some more personality.
4/12 c38 bianconiglio
When I saw the notification that it was out I was so happy! As usual this story is one of my favourite ever and I'm grateful you're not abandoning it, despite being hard to find inspiration. I loved it, as usual you have us super realistic vibes. I was shuddering with tris over there. I loved the chat he had with Uriah and Lauren. I wonder why after her reasoning she didn't even consider something along the line "why Uriah remembers and I don't", but maybe after seeing Eric with max she might start to consider the shot she got from him. I wonder what game Eric is playing and also how much in trouble tris is over there. I can't wait to find out!
4/12 c38 Vex
Seeing an update for this story has made my day.
Looking forward to the awkward conversation I’m imagining Tris and Eric are going to have in their near future.
4/11 c38 Lucyferina77
Loved it! Curious to read more!
3/8 c37 Guest
Please tell me this story is still active. Please.
2/14 c37 6tearzofthestarz
I have read and re-read this story. It's so freaking good. You have really brought the characters to life. The way you have written Eric is really amazing. I'm a little confused about divergents still being affected. But I'm sure with enough research, Erudite could do it. I can't wait for another chapter!
1/3 c37 AlexiaCyprienCullen
I started reading it yesterday and already make it to the last? Pleeease update it! You got me hooked hahahaha
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