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for Black Drabbler

5/17/2016 c2 17xxmonochromekissxx
It's one of my personal headcanons that Ciel is remarkably good at billiards and snooker
11/20/2015 c2 2Moranx3
*claps wildly*

And I never thought about billiards and marbles that way before...
11/20/2015 c1 Moranx3
...oh. W-WAIT.

6/6/2015 c2 36Aservis Roturier
Ciel doesn't have to honour the "one foot on the ground at all times" rule, 'cos he's just that special, huh.
6/6/2015 c1 Aservis Roturier
Thank you very much. Couldn't have stated it more clearly myself,
5/24/2015 c2 promocat
LOL!these are cute!& their interplay is fabulous!
5/24/2015 c1 1murakami-kumiko
This made me laugh but I was also very disturbed XD
4/24/2015 c1 miranda oeder
omg thats hilarious thanxs for making the end of my day happy with a smirk ohh dread that (SMIRK)
4/6/2015 c1 6cosmicsymphony
I personally really like Sebastian's comment about his inhumanity. What makes him so terrifying is his ability to fool the audience into believing he really IS a polite, proper butler, when he himself is fully aware of the fact he's a monster.
3/29/2015 c1 NVCiel
How true! How true! Well said Sebastian!
3/29/2015 c1 63BillA1
Nicely done!
3/29/2015 c1 26risenfromash
I want to read more! Please keep them coming. Good job.
3/28/2015 c1 1LNFRARADIANT
Oh my gosh, I was not expecting that XD Dammit Sebastian, quit your sexual remarks!

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