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for Child of Hope

4/22/2015 c1 Ron Solo
I am a FanFiction author, but I accidentally forgot to log in... oops. Anyway, by all means, continue the story. Something where Anakin turns back and helps the Rebels would be nice, but a complete surprise would be too. I don't know.
3/30/2015 c1 34Dark Cronos
Good Story I'd love to see it continued.
3/29/2015 c1 Heather Mckinley
Keep going this first chapter is really good
3/29/2015 c1 OBEYSUPERMAN
A strongly advise you to keep making more of these. A long series would be nice but I can't ask for that much. Your writing style is oddly enthralling and if you ever get to the point of large head on light saber battles I can assume it would be very exhilarating. My vote is for you to make more. Good job.
3/29/2015 c1 4chosen1destahnee
Gah! Vader Redemption for Life! Do continue with this, I love redemption fics.

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