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7/5/2016 c16 joan.goldman.9
She should have said, "She'd like to try somethings his way?" Please don't procrastinate too much? :) My father used to use that word with me all the time growing up. LOL
7/5/2016 c15 joan.goldman.9
I can't believe she pepper sprayed him. LOL
7/5/2016 c16 angelofheaven001
Can't wait for more.
7/5/2016 c14 joan.goldman.9
Well, he put his cards out on the table!
7/5/2016 c13 joan.goldman.9
LOL that last sentence, I can just imagine how she was feeling and where her thoughts were taking her. Although she could also look at his confession as him trying to open up to her and him feeling the same way as she does?
7/5/2016 c12 joan.goldman.9
WOW she just left! Hopefully you have Christians POV?
7/5/2016 c11 joan.goldman.9
He's got her there! LOL But isn't Elena going to get in the way of that. Let alone she is a virgin and what he is offering might not be the best thing for her?
7/5/2016 c16 Sophiedog22
Great chapter keep them coming
7/5/2016 c16 Tina0609
I really loved this chapter!
It was so much fun reading their conversations and I really liked how content and maybe a little nervous Christian was in this chapter :)
7/5/2016 c16 Reds 77
Great Chapter. I'm glad Ana has come to a decision. Her actions were her being Judgemental. I'm glad she research BDSM and was able to give Christian a proper chance. Now they can really be honest with each other and not criticize or dismiss each other. Hopefully Ana does try to be more understanding and listen more. Christian needs to relax more especially with his family. I felt so bad for Grace, it was like pulling teeth just get Christian to speak to her. Christian really is an ass when it comes to his family. Poor Grace. Grace's best bet is to befriend Ana, that will sure get Christian's ass planted at the dinner table, lolol. I can't wait to see what happens next between these to complicated lovers.
7/5/2016 c16 Millarca666
Good glory! What has she just agreed to?
7/5/2016 c10 joan.goldman.9
She is so falling for him and him her. I guess the ball is in her court now.
7/5/2016 c16 heather221
Thank you for another fantastic update
7/5/2016 c9 joan.goldman.9
Wow that had to at least make feel better
7/5/2016 c8 joan.goldman.9
She really doesn't know what she just asked for! :)
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