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for Catching The Train

4/29/2021 c1
Excellent story. Keep writing.
8/27/2020 c1 Guest
Really enjoyed this. Thank you.
6/24/2020 c1 2Schattenjagd
Awww, cute. Though I must admit, I liked the idea of Sam remaining totally oblivious until Janet comes out and straight out asks her for a date. I kinda like embarrassed Sam
5/5/2016 c1 5Beth of Liz
I enjoyed this so much, I loved there chemistry and there were times when Sam helped or played with Cassie that I thought "They are like a family!". Id love to see a sequel! you write the characters properly to the point I can see and hear there characters in my head.
6/5/2015 c1 2chawkchic
Very fun
4/9/2015 c1 5Sstala
Great story! I always love a good Sam/Jan story and you did a wonderful job here! Thanks :-)
4/4/2015 c1 alays 59
merci pour cette histoire
les fics entre sam et janet se font de plus en plus rare
donc apprécie énormément lorsque tu postes de belles fics comme ça ;)

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