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1/18/2017 c12 LVL SCAR
are you done with this story i hope not its really great and i want read more your a really good writer and i cant wait to see how things progress for gray
12/2/2015 c12 5MissySullivan
Please continue :)
10/16/2015 c12 lovingdimple
My god please tell me this is going somewhere nice lol
I cant wait for your next update. Please let it be soon!
10/2/2015 c12 130Snavej
Yay! Go Gray!
I'm intruiged to see what he does in the village...
8/31/2015 c11 Guest
love it can't wait to see what happens next
8/29/2015 c11 Cheese
How long will gray be gone for? What will happen to juvia? Please let them be ok!
8/28/2015 c11 Guest
Juvia is a bitch slut
8/28/2015 c11 Snavej
*hugs Gray*
8/23/2015 c10 13doseofmyimagination
Gray is now protecting Juvia. Sweet. Now I'm wondering if there will be more of Lyon and Juvia. She still thinks he kissed her unless I missed the part where she knows it's gray. If so, then please ignore this. It seemed to me she felt something when Lyon, aka Gray, kissed her. Maybe she'll try to give a Lyon a chance?
8/23/2015 c2 doseofmyimagination
Poor Gray, I feel for the lad. I'm glad he had a bro moment with Erza. I feel Erza is one heck of a gruvia shipper so their scene was very believable. The only thing I want to express is Gray isn't 100% at fault here in my eyes. Yes he said mean words but I honestly don't think they were so bad considering Juvia's behavior. What's be done and said, to me it seems they are both at fault. Juvia was meddling in his life hence crossing a line she shouldn't have. It wasn't like in the 413 anniversary extra where Juvia made Gray a scarf and he refused to take it. There he was a total douche because Juvia wasn't behaving that bad. She shouldn't have been treated that way. Anyways, loving this story!
8/23/2015 c1 doseofmyimagination
Lol Gray was a jerk but I wished his words were more harsh. I understand what he said was not nice still I don't think they were that bad. Am I just an idiot who didn't get his harsh words?! Anyways, I'm really liking this story and can't wait how things go from here!
8/15/2015 c10 6agirlworthfighting4
I have a feeling they're gonna make up when the tartaros arc comes in right? Gray please stop hurting yourself you're making me cry
8/14/2015 c10 6Darkhope
I'm happy you updated quickly! This is a good story and Gray is being such a sneak. Man... I want things to get better for them especially now they that did have sex. Will anyone else ever find out about that I wonder..
8/14/2015 c10 130Snavej
I laughed so hard at Erzas fantasy XD
And love the Natsu and Gray brotp going on at the end!
8/10/2015 c9 Snavej
Oh Gray... just oh dear...
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