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7/13 c15 Guest
I read the reviews and apparently Nathan is absolved from his crimes for 0 fucking reason. You deserve death, you absolute sick fuck.
7/13 c15 Guest
Also, using rape as a plot device is fucking sick in the head, especially when it is very fucking unavoidable. You sicken me.
7/13 c15 Guest
This story is very fucking bad. Not only do most of the occurrences make zero sense in the narrative, but they are also too fucking forced. The Brooke kiss and consequent "breakup"? Very fucking stupid. Max getting kidnapped right after she gets together with Warren, with virtually no logic behind the kidnapping itself? Ridiculous. Nathan raping Max and getting away with it? Makes me want to find you and strangle you. If Nathan does not end up either dead or in jail, this story will be very fucking disappointing, more so than it already is. I fucking hate all you demented fucks who think Nathan is capable of redemption. He is a demented fuck who has committed murder with rapey fucking tendencies. I don't care if he was "influenced" by Mark Jefferson. You need some fucking accountability. He was the one who decided to follow through, I don't give a shit about the "pressure" and "stress" on his back. His best shot is to spend half his life in a psych ward and die young without ever coming in contact with another human being. He is fucking ill in the head, and unredeemable.
2/28/2019 c35 7RedHood001
Oh. Well that is quite a pleasant surprise.

I look forward to this rewritten version. Despite what you think, the original one is very well done for what you call 'raw'. And that is an amazing feat.

So I know the rewrite version is gonna be sooo good. I look forward to reading it. You're a brilliant writer!
2/28/2019 c35 Guest
I fucking love getting updates from past pleasures. Weirdly enough, I was thinking about replaying LiS because the trailers for the second one look cool. Did you play Before the Storm? I’m still avoiding it because Chloe still isn’t my favorite but I do respect and understand her character. Team Grahamfield for the win tho!

I’m looking forward to seeing your rewrite. Best of luck and have fun!
1/14/2019 c6 Marcella
Max and Warren always liked the two of them together!
~thank you for writing
1/4/2019 c34 JLry
I heard Obstacles by Syd Matters in my head as I read the last few chapters...That's how great your fanfic is. You truly deserve the honour of being the first Grahamfield writer. Thank you so much and I hope to read more from you soon!
10/3/2018 c1 Warren
I believe you have written a good story thus far, but would also like to give some opinions for be able to make your story fluid.

- Spend more time putting detail into your story. When transitioning from one scene to the other, do it slowly. Instead of Max being in one setting one sentence and in a new one the next, add some made up filler. Since most of us reading have played the game ourselves, it would draw us in if you added your own personal ideas of what Max did/felt/said in-between scenes. This will give your story more personal flavor and new insights for us readers. Great job on narrating Max's thoughts and feelings!

Great intro, I hope to see more.
10/22/2017 c34 RedHood001
Hey, it's nice to hear from you again! And congratulations on your book. Have a nice day! :D
7/12/2017 c18 MaxineandImogene
Thought to share: just want to say that I know Max must be processing, but there is *no way* that Nathan isn't to blame for his actions. Rape is rape regardless of circumstance, and he chose to do it. He should be in jail, too. I just hope someone in Max's life says that to her in the story.
7/12/2017 c16 MaxineandImogene
I'm sorry to hear you got harsh responses. I don't think there's anything wrong with your story or its content-it's important for there to be a space to share all ideas, even really dark ones-but I do think it's important to give warnings, especially since I feel like the assault and rape were a very sudden, extremely dark turn in the story. Again, I'm still enjoying the story, but just a suggestion for the fanfic world.
7/12/2017 c13 MaxineandImogene
Hi there! Still enjoying your story, and I know it's already complete, but just a suggestion: for really heavy content like this, I think it's really nice for the author to put a warning at the top. I'm fine with reading really dark material, but it's just an extra nice thing for an author to do for people who might be sensitive to that kind of content. I would list a warning for sexual assault at the beginning of the chapter for something like this. If you didn't want to spoil it, you could still give some sort of like "This chapter has much darker themes than the rest of the story so far," and maybe offer to give a detailed warning if someone PM's you.

Nonetheless, thanks again for sharing! 3
7/12/2017 c7 MaxineandImogene
Hey there! I'm loving your story so far! There are so few Warren/Max fics out there, and I was really happy to find this.

Just a couple things I wanted to share:

-In case anyone reading this doesn't know, pregnancy is not any less likely to happen the first time you have sex. It can happen any time you have sex. It's great that Max is implied to be on birth control, but ideally they'd be using condoms, too, for STD protection, but I could see why they'd skip it being young and having never slept with anyone else before.

-Sex never has to hurt. The idea of a woman "losing her virginity" necessarily involving pain is such a horrible cultural lie we're told! I had no idea that it didn't have to hurt until well into adulthood, but I've done lots of research, and the whole notion of the hymen breaking and necessary pain is a complete myth. Warren and Max might not know that, but I wanted to share. The key to not having pain during sex is to go slow, especially the first time, for both parties to be relaxed, to start with fingers to slowly get used to the feeling, and to use lube if need be.

Okay, sex ed lecture done, lol.

Thanks for sharing this story!
2/23/2017 c11 23ClearlyOriginal
How old were you when you wrote this?
Because this is a very amateurish fanfic.
Too straightforward. Too predictable.
Too bad.
1/17/2017 c32 ujemaima
A lovely, quality read!
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