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3/31 c61 RKingQway
Just scrap the story, that was just bad and cliche. I felt like I was reading the original Fairy Tail.
3/31 c57 Eddyg125
All this hype for this? Come on dude this is soon underwhelming
3/29 c61 4Ikrani
Don't sweat how long it takes. Look at me! I've had three fics plus one to work on for the past month and not one was updated! Sometimes it takes that long to work out all the kinks.

Going to be kind of awkward for a pregnant romantic to meet her unborn child at... Well, at pretty much the same age as she is now, yeah? If memory of the canon serves, Lisanna's 17 around this time, soon to be 18.
3/27 c61 13darthwolf
Things just got more awkward
3/27 c61 FTGuest
So Natsu knocked Lisanna and their daughter appears from the future pretty sure canon Natsu wouldn't understand anything of what is going on.
Though Ultear won't he exactly happy with it Natsu cheating on her.
3/27 c61 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent update
3/27 c61 draven32
Uuuggghhh this chapter really makes me want more Natsu x Lisanna
1/30 c59 4Ikrani
I have no complaints about how Natsu's relationship drama is panning out, and am pleased to report this is NOT how I planned for the Nali/tear/harem ship to pan out in my own story.

Hooray for surprises!
1/30 c56 Ikrani
Not sure how the Tenrou Tree being righted gives everyone a mana regen, but whatever. It's magic. "The Tenrou Tree protects" and all that (which I recall was established in this story). I think Natsu's defeat, while a little deus ex machina, just goes to show he's not as strong as he thought. He tried to kick them while they were down and learned the hard way that, at full power, his guildmates can take him on together.
1/30 c55 Ikrani
Honestly, how long the story goes depends entirely on what you do with Natsu. Fairy Tail barely beat Hades in the canon, so with Natsu fresh and fighting against them, the only way out that I see is Natsu coming around and realizing Hades is full of it. If not, maybe Fairy Tail escapes, but they certainly don't win.

Or maybe it's too late and you've already got your chosen path. I'm personally down for either option.
1/30 c54 Ikrani
I agree wholeheartedly. Ultear is one of the best characters on the show, easily the most complex woman out of the cast, if not best [written] girl then at least tied with Minerva or Erza. It's so frustrating that Mashima decided to just age her out of the story before making her a literal deus ex machina in the Alvarez arc. If only he'd devoted a similar level of depth to, say, literally any of the Tartaros demons, I'd be less peeved about it.

Anyway, good show. Starting to wonder if I didn't pick up your thoughts via time-travelling psychic energy with this whole "Nali or Natear or harem" question you've posed. No wonder you got into my Nali/tear/harem fic: you've been writing your own for the past 6 years. Great minds think alike, no?
1/25 c51 Ikrani
I always wondered when exactly Zoldeo found time to be an adult male, join Grimoire Heart, learn his body-possession magic, AND possess Capricorn in the span of 2 years, between when he complied with Layla recalling her Zodiac keys for the Eclipse Gate and going to enslave that anti-government commander dude.

Still wondering how Lisanna's going to take to being kidnapped at Natsu's behest.
1/25 c48 Ikrani
That scene with the Seven Kin discussing Natsu is what I was getting at last chapter: same result, different path. Never occurred to me that Natsu might be a defector, but I'm one with access to his thoughts. Their logic was sound, and it was also UN-sound for how they blew off the defeat of the Seis as Natsu's doing. All these little extra bits really add to the engagement, to the point where the outcome being the same doesn't matter. We kind of got that with the fight against Gildarts, but there wasn't enough difference in the battle itself for my liking.

More incidental sorta-OCs, please. I much prefer Overlord and Sora as Grimoire goons to those chumps that Fairy Tail fought in canon. Seriously, a giant chicken? What kind of magic turns you into a giant chicken? Why would any dark wizard be taken seriously? Was he the cook? Is that why he has a spell to produce eggs? These are questions that are NOT raised by your fic, because you wisely left him out.
1/25 c47 Ikrani
I think you found a nice balance for Natsu's new power compared to Gildarts. He's like the RPG character who's powerful enough to withstand a boss, but too underleveled to take them out without finesse and strategy.

I must admit, though, I'm kinda wishing there was more original content here in terms of the play-by-play. The anime is all well and good, but when the same stuff as the anime is all that's happening, I find myself skimming through the prose and potentially missing important plot details buried within. Maybe you could use the anime as an inspiration, with the same outcomes to fights and stuff, but just have them happen a little differently, like Lucy getting wiped out during her fight with Freed and Bickslow and thus adding to Cana's (possible/eventual) decision to ditch her during the second trial, not to mention Lucy's own feelings of inadequacy that would result.
1/24 c45 Ikrani
Well... That's going to be an awkward talk when Lisanna finds out about Natsu.
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