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10/7/2004 c2 31Dragi
yay you have update *gives a big hug* I have waited long for this chapter. please hurry up and update please. I cant wait for the next chapter to find out what will happen next chapter please. good luck with your story and the next chapter.

love dragi
10/7/2004 c2 17takuya
wow very cool chapter i loved it tons plz update soon
10/6/2004 c2 54kellyQ
Aww. I really liked that people are writing more Takouji stories.

3/30/2004 c1 17takuya
wow really cool i love it tons cool idea kouji has a sister if i under stand french if not then it still cool idea
1/9/2004 c1 31Dragi
Hey that chapter was so cute, cool and really great.
please hurry up and update really soon please I have to know what will happen in the next chapter please I cant wait to the next chapter.
and good luck with the story and the next chapter.
love dragi
12/21/2002 c1 DarkFox
0.0 O LOVE UR STORY. i am going to but it on my favorite list.
12/20/2002 c1 3Sapphire Fayth
Really good! Keep writing!

Armor-Turuiemon(AT): I agree. But Lunartigiramon doesn't hold a candle to me!

Me: Ignore her...-_-;
12/14/2002 c1 4Nyroeon
Oh yay! I get second review!

Neeways, I kind of got lost at the beginning, but apparently it is Takouji? (I don't know... And with this Rider person)

Also, I kind of get confused with their English names and stuff.. (I can remember that BurningGreymon is Vritramon... And I *Think* MagnaGarurumon is Garmmon)

Neeways, A mi me mucho gusto.. Una mas? Por favor? (Lo siento, I'm practicing my Spanish)

12/11/2002 c1 yamiinuyasha
RIDER ROCKS! but i am lose on where she came from.. IS SHE KOUJIS SISTER!...or an i losein it...MMMORE PLEASE!

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