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10/21 c6 sirenofpandora
10/19 c38 Mina
BEST Story I Have EVER Read In My Entire Life!
10/16 c38 16xxKLxx
Amazing amazing! Thank you. I've been seeing this floating around for so long and wanted to dive in but could never embrace the pure blood Hermione troupe. I've also never read Regulas fanfics. I'm now hooked, thank you. I also knew that he'd have to be still around about half way through. Surely, when there isnt great detail about someone's death, it means something sus is going on.
10/15 c22 aamlkb
But if they don’t marry then their kids will have to marry their siblings.
10/15 c38 JanuaryLestrange
Wonderful! I’m a little disappointed that Regulus hadn’t gone to the manor because Lucius’s inaction had given him cause to declare the blood oath null and void. But wow. Fantastic story- great characters. Very well constructed. Thank you.
10/12 c38 Anonymous
Lovely story...they all lost someone but now have a very big family...I love happy endings! Thank you for this :)
10/12 c32 Anonymous
Oh my Goddddd! Amazing! Marvelous! Fantastic! Love your stories! Everything is explained...and we get amazing plot twists!
10/11 c32 aerolithos
wow! a fantastic twist! Beaky always hated draco, and hermione and harry saved him... so good!
10/10 c6 Anonymous
This chapter is sooo very emotional I felt like crying! And Hermione doesn't even know what all sacrifices her father made to keep everyone he loved safe...he was a slytherin on the outside but a true gryffindor on the inside! Amazing story!
10/8 c38 Toothfairy456
Awesome story! You brought a character to life that was barely mentioned in the books. The whole backstory was so believable. Loved it! You have a gift for storytelling. Thank you!
10/6 c38 Clara230108
I’m not crying, you are!
Best story I read in a long time! Congratulations! And thank you for writing this amazing book!
10/3 c38 Cissyblack
9/30 c38 Thefiskers
This. This is literal perfection.
9/29 c23 Muse
Awwwwww ! The game and The end of this chapter WARMS my heart !
Thank you for writing this book.
Enjoying it thus far.
9/26 c12 isakey
I swear This is amazing and Insufferable at the same Time. In one chapter there is Hermione and in another there is Regulus. And each Time you want more of what's going on, their is a cliff hanger. Great work But frustrating. And that is why I NEED to read MORE.
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