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6/26/2018 c9 Guest
This chapter was incredible. Wow.
6/10/2018 c51 Guest
This story is truly amazing! I hope you’re able to update again!
4/18/2018 c2 1Wyrd Phoenix
Despite how I feel Echo and Indra being out of character I just realized I read this story before. Once, half-way through I think, and don't remember why I stopped either. I just knew I was testing the waters of the 100 before I watched it because I was wary after hearing the rage for killing Lexa. The story, when you haven't seen the show, is one thing. I am curious as to how I will think of it now.
4/18/2018 c1 Wyrd Phoenix
Takes guts to go to Indra, who will no doubt tell Heda, but still - guts to go to the fearless woman who hates your guts.
3/30/2018 c51 Ash10Mashae
I'm amazed at this FF. It is one of the best I've read. Great job! PMS please
2/6/2018 c51 nat
one of the best stories I have read.. literally read this in 2 day in between work and sleep lol
can't wait to see what happens with this upcoming war, who will survive and what will happen with lexa Clarke and rukh
clexa better be endgame though
please update soon cant wait for he next chapter
11/4/2017 c1 silverfox1144
Yay! You updated this fic! This is one of my all time Clexa fics!
11/4/2017 c51 Dutchie1024
Great Update!
11/2/2017 c51 Irishgrl33
Awesome update!
11/1/2017 c50 XxCursedFoxX
Is this all of it? O.o
11/1/2017 c50 Karma
Is there more?!
9/13/2017 c50 Mariahpappaya
This story is SO GOOD! I hope that you continue writing it because I have so many questions that need answered! Excellent job!
9/2/2017 c50 1Blckfenix
you are seriously going to have to pick this back up...excellent story...i havent been able to stop reading it. great job with the magic side of things. Please continue!
6/17/2017 c50 Mel
Gaaahhhhhhh omg please post more! I know your life probs got busy and I annoy one to comment much on stories, much less beg for more, but by the gods! Beja! This story is so damn good and I am completely entranced and obsessed! I need to know more! Lol you are an amazing author, this story is amazing, YOU, are amazing!
5/2/2017 c50 1marzopan
this is great!
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