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4/10/2016 c29 154corvusdraconis
Hrm. I can't help but think that, even if a genius child (which she doesn't strike me as as much as she is very cunning and manipulative for her age) that she is a little too talented for being untrained. occlumency at 12, for example- the fact she's even considering putting on difference faces so soon in life. I dunno. maybe it's just me. Lucius' temper was a little surprising. I feel like I missed something to tell me the reason he's being such a jerk to her.
4/10/2016 c29 9vampirela69
Why Lucius thinks that Severus knows she is his daughter? And will Severus remember, soon?
3/19/2016 c27 154corvusdraconis
Hrm hrm interesting thing denial. Madam miscreant? She's so bad she married a miscreant? Lol. I hope it wasn't a Weasley.
3/19/2016 c21 1Petrus Franciscus
damn arii back at it again with the chaos theory
3/17/2016 c26 154corvusdraconis
It's almost worse knowing that she is his daughter and seeing all this go down. Knowing makes it seem so much worse when the spite and instinctive loathing come to pass mixed with equally strange feelings of non-hate that really have no reason to be there in their own head. We, of course, know, but it's somewhat torturous. Fudge deserved what he got. Jerk. And thank you Merlin no cliffhangers. You may live, and I don't have to do anything horrible to my characters in retribution ;p
3/17/2016 c25 corvusdraconis
Hrm. Lack of Cliffhanger. I approve. You may continue.

Draco being forced to be polite. Worth it.
3/15/2016 c24 corvusdraconis
*grumblemumblemumble* (writes in the death of many characters in her story and blames it on Ari)
3/13/2016 c22 Gryffindorgirl
Does Ara mean brings rain
3/13/2016 c22 corvusdraconis
Angry face. ANGRY FACE!

You really are abusing your characters in this. I want to rip out my hair. Bad Ari!

When I first read Ara I read it Ari and was like "she named her character after herself? ooook" but then reread and saw Ara as in the contellation near Scorpius, and was oh! ok!

Not happy with Dumbledore. Not happy with the lack of something happy! ARRGHH!

3/12/2016 c22 1Myki Fri
What the hell man
I started crying real fucking tears, and it felt like my heart was ripping in half, why

It was a great character even though you killed me a little on the inside

I hope they get to be a real family later

I can't wait for the next chapter to see where it gowas from here
3/2/2016 c20 25the iz
ohhhh drama llama! I feel like Narcissa is definitely blonde in canon but whatever. I think you could afford to hold back some of the detail and elaborate imagery but some of it is really well done. I liked this last chapter.
2/23/2016 c20 1Petrus Franciscus
wftthat ending
2/23/2016 c19 154corvusdraconis
I think my favorite line is: all of that would be irrelevant if he could not get her dressed.
sorry for not being up on this story as I was. One step has devoured my brain along with countless care plans. That and you changed the title so I completely ignored the alert as spam. My brain ignores things like my alarm too, so it's not so uncommon. Glad to see you are still writing.
2/22/2016 c17 25the iz
Thanks for the shout out :D
Cool imagery with the splinching on the mountain top!
I am confused and predictably disdainful re: Severus's sudden 'code of ethics' when his previous actions have led to many muggle-born deaths, none of which seemed to bother him very deeply. Hmm.
I like your shadowy depiction of Dumbledore, although I think he'd care about Severus more than you showed, but I do also see how he might have cut himself off from caring in moments of strategy like that. I'm fairly pro-Dumbledore though. He's a complex dude.
2/18/2016 c17 6morganna12
I love this. Great chapterrrrr! (: I hope you update soon!
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