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10/8/2020 c8 Lizzie Kamiya
So freaking CUTE! I'm so glad we got to enjoy another chapter!
5/16/2019 c7 20JellyLollie
Hopefully waiting for an update. Is this how mothers feel waiting for their rebellious child to come home?
2/15/2019 c1 120Pokeshipping Fun2021
Nice chapter see You later friend or another fic or story very soon.
12/27/2017 c7 BJuneC
PLEASE KEEP GOING! I reread your chapters all the time and I really want to see what happens to Skye, Squirtle and all of their friends on their journey
9/12/2016 c7 32deant33
Hm. Wonder how you'll incorporate other children (maybe Iris and Cilan's? Daisy and Tracey's? May and Drew's? Even Clement and Serena's)
9/1/2016 c1 1SilverBlader
Man, this has definitely earned a spot in my favorites list. The characters are in character, your OC is one hundred percent believable, and this is what I imagine a next generation Pokémon story to look like.

The character interactions/personalities were hilarious as well with Skylar shown to be reckless and danger prone much like Ash, Gary's reaction over the lab incident, and Skylar's siblings laughing when she gets in trouble. It's the little things like that that give a story depth.

I'm definitely continuing this one, it's a great read.
8/30/2016 c7 12Bast13
I am really enjoying this story so far. You're realky good at giving the characters character very quickly, even with the pokémon (which I find difficult as they don't speak or show up all the time outside of battle)
This writing style reminds me a lot of the anime in a good way. I'm always imagining it animated along with the character designs on your tumblr.
I am definitely going to continue reading and I can't wait to see more.
3/14/2016 c7 Chalice7
Really enjoy this hope you can update it again.
3/10/2016 c1 17thguardstankdiv
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3/6/2016 c7 120I am Lu
Ahh, I'm very excited to meet Kierra! I love the opening scene between her, Professor Juniper, and Bianca. The inclusion of Gary's book was a great way to set up Kierra's interests and motivations, and I'm a sucker for cross-regional references anyway. I actually really liked how you punctuated the regular storyline with flashbacks to Kierra's earlier years: It gives us the context behind her character and is a nice way to introduce her into the main story.

I don't think this was your intention, but when Kierra said "That girl really looked like she knew where she was going" in reference to Skye, I burst out laughing. Yes, Kierra, Skye certainly does try to /look/ she knows what's up. This was just one of the instances I laughed during this chapter: I also laughed aloud when Skye was talking about the Clefairy being aliens and when she told Briar to stop "mingling with the enemy." In fact, this chapter has probably made me laugh the most of any thus far.

I love the interactions between the trio of Skye, Briar, and Kierra. Skye and Briar alone was great, but bringing Kierra into the mix really draws out a fresh and interesting chemistry. I can't wait to read more of them.

Thanks for sharing!
3/6/2016 c6 I am Lu
I already spoke of how I love your characterization of Skye in my last review, but I have to add: It really speaks to your maturity as writers to show the negative aspects of Skye's character. She's very dislikeable when she comes around and dismisses Nidoran and Squirtle after they saved her life. Most writers brush over or ignore the bad qualities of their OCs, and it speaks a lot for you be willing to show that part of her character.

But on the flip side, it speaks so much to your /talent/ as writers that you can show these negative characteristics and still have her be an incredibly likeable or even relatable character. The whole progression of her coming to this realization of her own arrogance and why she lost the battle was so well-done. And then for her to go back to Pewter City and win in - what I might add is an incredibly well-written - battle just ties it all perfectly together.

As a side note, including the soccer ball in the Mt. Moon scene was a nice touch and callback to the first day of Skye's journey.

Thank you for sharing!
3/6/2016 c5 I am Lu
OK. Now that it's Spring Break for me and I have a chance to breath, I want to sit down and actually catch up on this wonderful story.

The conversation between Ash and Skye was so well-done. It captured the essence of Ash so well as a father, and I love the references made to his own early journey in comparison to his daughter's. Again, it really draws out a lot of nostalgia, which, as I've mentioned before, is one of this story's many strengths.

My heart fluttered when Skye called Autumn "Aunt Autumn." Autumn and Brock are like an aunt and uncle to her. That's so cute, I can hardly handle it.

Cliffhanger! Good thing that I know Skye won't drown like a certain other character. And on the note of Skye, you do a great job showing rather than telling when it comes to her personality. We know of her overconfidence/arrogance from her actions and dialogue. It's awesome characterization!

Thanks for sharing this!
2/6/2016 c4 I am Lu
I actually gasped aloud when Lizzie appeared. I'm glad to see the origins of her and Skye's rivalry established, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how you develop it (and their relationship beyond).

I have to say - and I may very well have said this about other chapters - I felt very nostalgic reading this. It felt like I was watching the original series again. You do a phenomenal job capturing that spirit in both the plot and the characters. Everything feels so cohesive to that end, from the title, to the characters' dialogue, to the battles.

Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to catching up on this!
2/6/2016 c7 Emily

I really loved this chapter. It was a perfect introduction to Kierra and her personality. She's a perfect nerd - super obsessive about the things she loves, but super lacking in street smarts. I'm excited to see how she'll get along with Skye, someone who is very hands-on.

The Junior Research Program is such a cool idea, and I hope you guys explore it more! Even if its something small, like Kierra whipping out her notebook when she sees an Armaldo in one of Briar's contests or something. Too bad she never made it to Pewter City to check out the museum!
2/6/2016 c7 2sapphicbitch
I love this!

I've been waiting for Kierra's character to appear for so long! I love her. She reminds me when I was in love with History back in middle school! I was a bit like her, I suppose. I preferred reading the library instead of going with friends to the cafeteria.

I think Snivy is a perfect choice for Kierra! Oshawott and Tepig are a bit on the physical side while Snivy(s) leans more on the special. I would have thought that a female one would be better for Kierra but, eh. It's your story.

I can't wait for the chapter when Kierra finally gets to revive her Helix Fossil. And I wonder what other Pokemon she'll receive from your stories! I hope she'll receive a Psychic type. That would be a great match for her, I think.

Skye was a bit bitchy in this story. Makes me dislike her a bit. After Kierra got her a Moon Stone and she still doesn't accept her at least. I thought she would have been more like Ash in accepting people but got her doubtfulness from Misty.

I really like Briar now. He accepted Kierra and now I like him even more. I hope he gets to capture a new Pokemon soon. Maybe a Smeargle or a Ditto. Anything that could help him with his drawing. Charmeleon has got in the bag with training for Contests.

Hope you guys continue on this story soon!
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