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for The Steps of Becoming a Father

7/13/2022 c13 WaitingForPeeta
Love this story, I hope you continue it SOON! I gotta see what happens! :) I hope he dumps Glimmer (fast) and finds Katniss!
3/5/2019 c13 LACR
Good luck with your last semester and job search!
3/5/2019 c13 Browniangel
Thank you so much for the update, can't wait till you go back to the hunger games...Totally understand life get in the way. So excited for you to be graduating in May what and awesome accomplished. Hope to see an update soon..
3/4/2019 c13 Guest
Well you didn't say your completely dropping this FF
12/29/2016 c7 raervt85
Peeta gets jealous when he finds out about Gale helping to raise Lily but doesn't react when he finds out that his dad and brothers have helped too but never told him about her?
8/28/2016 c1 Guest
Why is this like another story vs original why is this telling a different post vs the original post
8/28/2016 c11 Guest
i dont know whats happening anymore. you jump from present to past and i just dont know what happened when, which is sad because the setting is quiet interresting.
the whole story needs more structuring. Maybe you can get someone to help you whith that.
i will wait for that and then attempt to read it again.
6/15/2016 c12 LACR
Thanks for the preview, I'm excited to read the new chapter. Love the story
6/15/2016 c9 Guest
This is a good plot for a story and I have enjoyed it quite a bit. Unfortunately though, it is quite painful to read due to some of the descriptions as well as the grammar used. I would love to read what happens next due to the plot being so good, but unfortunately the grammar is making it hard to do so.
6/8/2016 c10 126xMissWhitneyBexx
I'm going to be honest. Your grammar... not so good and that it disrupting the great idea that you have. Simple paragraphs are made messy and long with various of characters speaking which makes it extremely hard to follow. And what is this "being serious" or "with concern"? You do not know past or present or future tenses and that it surprisingly distractive and unstructured. Also, mister is not written like that if it's joined to a man. It is 'Mr' and you have Ms, MRS (NOT MISSES OR MISSUS) and Miss for females. You may benefit from using a BETA reader. I am free of you require my help.
6/2/2016 c11 LACR
I don't think anything Katniss would have said in the what if would have changed Peeta's mind about not going to Hollywood.
1/1/2016 c10 redelman9591
Peeta and his family! Loving the story.
12/31/2015 c10 Guest
12/30/2015 c10 1Everlarkdiehard
I would actually like an interaction between Katniss and peeta, maybe a phone call or something
12/30/2015 c10 LACR
All are interesting possibilities for the next chapter. I really would like to read what happens when Johanna comes home to Gale but I also think it would be wonderful to read about Peeta contacting his family. No matter what you choose it will be wonderful.
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