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for The Past Shapes the Future

5/15/2015 c10 30Seddielover945
This chapter was SO SO good!

Update soon!
5/13/2015 c9 margie
please you can't leave us hanging. Please update soon, can't wait. Thanks
5/12/2015 c9 Seddielover945

I feel so bad for present Damon right now, he's been through so much an he doesn't have a clue what's going on right now. He doesn't deserve to feel this way.

I NEED an update! I have to know what happens!
5/12/2015 c9 Eleid
noooo, but the good thing elenall wake up being a vampire isnt it?
good work, pls more
5/12/2015 c9 YazYaz
Incredible and amazing chapter...
5/9/2015 c8 Seddielover945
This chapter was SOOOOO freaking amazing! It's about time they were finally together all the way around!
5/8/2015 c8 Tvd2014
How does this work...does the sleeping version of Elena still look 40 until she becomes a vampire? Nice update!
5/8/2015 c8 Eleid
shell do it yay. waitig for next :)
5/8/2015 c8 YazYaz
Incredible and amazing chapter...

Hopefully they're going to be together for an eternity and beyond...
5/8/2015 c7 faithykin5
No! I just started reading this story and i catch upto a cliffhanger?! What is this maddness?! I need more! Please update soon x
5/7/2015 c7 Tvd2014
I love this did a wonderful job conveying Elena's emotions and their wonderful deep love and connection!
5/6/2015 c7 Eleid
the letter was so beautiful that I want damon for myself!
I want do bad to read the next chpater now, pls more, up date super soon :)
5/6/2015 c7 Seddielover945
This is getting SOOOO good! I can't wait for your next update!
5/6/2015 c7 YazYaz
Incredible and amazing chapter...
5/4/2015 c2 Guest
Really intrigued by this story!
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