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for Natsu Dragneel the Dual Dragon Slayer

1/29 c34 7nasapeepolover116
but I understand I guess that would be the case for everyone if you bump too much magic into your container it explodes but didn't know what you just waste the hell of a lot of magic trying to break down the barrier so shouldn't he be able to eat a decent chunk of them without even getting sick
1/27 c8 nasapeepolover116
ooooooo that's an interesting thought a Gray Virgo ship
1/27 c8 nasapeepolover116
you know a pairing I never see natsu Virgo I'm not asking for it or anything just commenting on it
1/26 c7 nasapeepolover116
strictly speaking it would be easier for you to write in juvia in the harem since she hasn't been introduced canna has and has shown no interest however little she been in at this point of course looking ahead you well past this but that's just My opinion
1/2 c55 Bromega2477
In the words of Bruce Banner:

"Ahahahah! You guys are so screwed now!"
1/2 c55 ionis4991
Rest in peace Hughes. We won't forget you (no).
P/S Cool chapter :)
1/1 c55 SaintPeaches
another good chapter. keep up the good work
1/1 c55 15NinjaFang1331
Awesome job
1/1 c55 3Tenzalucard123
I'm glad to see Gajeel, Gray and Erza safe... Well, I don't think they are anymore since they're fighting Knightwalker, the Black Cat and the Pink Armored... But I hope Wendy can evacuate people. .. And save your friends... I hope you had a Happy New Year, and I look forward to reading more of this great fic!
1/1 c55 151Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Natsu and the others have a big goal in mind to stop the insane destruction of the Exceed and Fairy Tail while also giving the Royal king a good Royal beatdown!
12/31/2022 c54 1Reatssa
I look forward to the next chapter. I hope that the next chapter will be soon. Also magnificent work as always.
12/28/2022 c54 SaintPeaches
just saying keep up the amazing work writing this man ! i love this story
12/26/2022 c54 1sykartracer
Finally got caught back up on this, and loved the Christmas update. The way this is written almost makes me wish someone were to draw it in the manga's art style. It would be perfect. Can't wait to see the next chapter.
12/25/2022 c54 midnightscar17
Merry Christmas
12/25/2022 c54 Kingpizzathe3
Thanks for another good chapter
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