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for Natsu Dragneel the Dual Dragon Slayer

4/15 c59 2UzumakiBattleWolf
I hope Cana joins the main harem someday. I think you said the (in-universe) reason was because she didn’t want a serious relationship or something like that. I understand this is your story and this is just my hope.

Story is good and read through all of it.
4/10 c59 williamson7519
Good story I like it a lot. Not really on board with jenny joining the sub harem though. If she is going to date a guy it seems kind of against Natsu's territorial dragon nature. I mean if you made it a whole thing of losing the sub harem mark and being forever banned regardless of the out come that would make sense.
4/7 c59 CrazySly
Good chapter
4/2 c59 65RedDragonforce 1
Two things:

One, Lisanna. She definitely had a romantic crush on Natsu. Why else would she suggest her and Natsu be husband and wife. I’m pretty sure you didn’t change that part about their past. So, if anything, you could say that her crush on Natsu faded after getting to know Edolas Natsu and especially Lucy Ashley. Seeing them interact more than likely allowed her perspective on her relationship with Natsu, and how what she said she wanted wasn’t what she actually wanted. Seeing Natsu as a husband wasn’t right anymore and seeing Natsu as a brother was right.

Sure, I could say this applies to canon Lisanna more than the Lisanna you’ve written, but it would make more sense if Lisanna told Mirajane that she grew out of the crush and looked at Natsu as more of a brother and close friend, but nothing romantic.

Two, Wendy. I love how you implemented her Poison Element into the Edolas Arc, especially at the end. Instead of trying too hard to be scary and failing, she’s legit terrifying because of what she can do, not just how she looks. Kudos all around for this version of Wendy.

Bonus: I think I will always love the Natsu vs Mystogan fight as peak Fairy Tail goodbyes. Both knew Mystogan couldn’t return to Earthland, so Natsu gave him the best goodbye he could, in a way even Mystogan understood both parts of his acting as Demon Lord Dragneel.

Looking forward to more!
3/25 c59 Shadowdragon1995
Great chapter as usual and as for lisanna i do like the pairing but agree there are more than enough women in the harem already and add more without a good reason would make it feel boated in my opinion especially with how developed the harem is right now
3/22 c59 midnightscar17
Jezzz stupid council
3/22 c59 IsakDemn
harem looks good only request is to move ultear to the main harem
3/21 c59 Rob Valli
Very good chapter
3/21 c59 daniel.santiago.4545
Thanks for this! Huge fan!
3/21 c59 4Tenzalucard123
It seems that Wendy gave Natsu a fight... And something tells me that the Council is going to take more drastic measures... And who is the Wolf Guy? A rival of Natsu or what's up? See you next chapter.
3/18 c58 yudhazebba
3/8 c58 Shadowdragon1995
will lisanna be in the harem ?
3/7 c58 Guest
Good to have this updated I’ve missed it great chapter.
3/7 c58 12Lutze2110
Nice chapter. You really wrote it very good! Keep going. Quick question, who will BE in the final Harem?
3/7 c58 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent work and way to go with the little reunion
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