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for If There's Someone There, Please Save Me

7/8/2016 c3 Kyuubi-dono
First a review, then, I have some words for you Minty.
Oh noooo! Eren! You poor thing! How dare that bastard touch you! Levi, kill him now! RIGHT NOW! THEY BOTH NEED TO DIE! THOSE BASTARDS! Please update when you can. I want to see what happens next! Yay!

Second. MINTY! Where have you beeeeen!? I missed you! I'm glad you've gotten over your writers block. Do you think you could update A-Flame? That would be great! However, it *is* entirely up to you to update it or not. Take your time, but not TOO much time. Please. You know? Heheh... Anyway, I've missed you. Please uodate the both of you're stories. I enjoy them both! Later!
4/4/2015 c2 Selbram
funny thing is Im allmost 25 and I've never drank the stuff before in my life. But Im sure if i did Id want to kill myself if I got drunk. Cause I already know I subconsciously do.

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