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for Not a Breath Wasted on Myself

12/27/2015 c12 5Sawyer Fan
Okay, I'm sitting here reading this chapter and thinking...Did I miss this chapter totally?

Guess I did because I don't remember reading it! My apologies.

Very good insights to what Yuuri might be thinking as he recalls past memories. I think you are pretty spot on with where you are going.

I'm off to read more, since I missed this chapter, I'm sure I missed the others too ;)

Oh! I know, I'll follow this story so I know I don't miss any updates. *pats self on back for brilliance...though it should have come sooner.*
12/27/2015 c15 guest
SCREECHES MY FAVORITE STORY IS BACK OH MAN HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU! It's so good to see Wolfram awake, and omg I can't wait to see the next chapters, and I also can't wait to see what will be the catalyst that makes Yuuri decide to take Wolfram to Earth so they can sort our their issues (and hopefully Yuuri will do what needs to be done and make out with Wolfram. Multiple times. With groping).
12/27/2015 c14 37Daygon Yuuki
At least you updated
12/12/2015 c13 Alli
Wow, when i first saw this story I thought that I would only read about one or two chapters but I just ended up getting sucked in! This story is so addictive! Can't wait for the next update! :D
11/1/2015 c13 aoin88
Love it please update soon ?
9/20/2015 c13 49shashaway
Awww this is amazing! I really love the scene where Yuuri brought Wolf closer in bed.
8/30/2015 c13 Wolfinthedark
OMG! I cannot wait for the next chapter! This fanfic is so great and I love how realistically you portrayed Yuuram as individuals and together. There is a dark psychological depression to wolf's personality where I can really feel how he feels worthless and hopeless from this unrequited love. JUST KNOW U HAVE SOMEONE WHO CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE! :)
8/28/2015 c13 wind dancer1981
liked your story allot its amazing please keep going .
8/25/2015 c13 angel9507
Please update as soon as you can! :)
8/17/2015 c13 4SweetHeaven
AW... This was super sweet!
yuuri thinking that it's been a long time since he woke up next to Wolf and noticing how good Wolfram looks in his pijamas, the memory if ther kiss/no-kiss and the passion he felt in that moment...

I really like how he realizes that at first he would have used a superficial adjective to describe Wolf because there didn't seem to be much to him apart from his physical appearance, but now he knows him so much that he can use a myriad of quailities to talk about the young demon. And even not all of them are positive, I think Yuuri realizes that he can actually live with Wolf's flaws.
It is nice that he appreciates Wolf's passion and loyalty, and I hope that in time, he will also use words like "smart" and "funny" to decribe him, because those are some of his virtues too and I don't think Yuuri should love him just because he's loyal. I've seen that happening in other fics, and I don't really like it because it seems that he is just "rewarding" Wolf with a romantic relationship because he's always been loyal to him and because he feels attracted to his looks (don't worry, I don't think it's not the case in this story!)

It was kind of heartbreaking when Yuuri thought that maybe Wolfram didn't even like him as a person anymore, and I think it really works well in this story because it actually shows that their relationship has changed so much, and we can see how Yuuri feels about the distance that Wolf has put between them (whch was very much necessary for Wolf to keep his sanity, poor thing).

This was a really good chapter, and I'm glad to hear you may update soon!
8/17/2015 c12 SweetHeaven
Aw, this chapter was so sweet! I really, really like the way you have used the flashback from things that actually happened in the anime (like Wolf grabbing Yuuri's hand, proving he would always be there for him), mixed with the things you have created, like Sasha's birthday and Wolfram drifring away from Yuuri...

I love the way you have inserted Yuuri's thoughts along with the flashback. Do you know what I'm thinking? I believe that all these thoughts come to show in a way how much Yuuri cares about Wolfram unconcioulsy. When he's concious and his being "rational" he has a lot of inhibitions, cultural or whatever, related to loving another man, and also, he seems more interested in girls, even if he doesn't know them that much, just because they are girls. But now that he is in a semi-conscious state and he doesn't have all those limitations, self-imposed or imposed by society, he can actually let his feelings for Wolfram flow the way they actually are. Maybe Yuuri isn't in love with Wolfram, and maybe he really likes Sasha and may even have romantic feelings for her, but it is clear that not having Wolfram in his life feels so wrong to him. Even if can't identfy the feelings, he realizes that something just doesn't work, that something is wrong. he clearly needs Wolfram by his side, otherwise he seems to feel strangely empty, or at least that's the impression I get from his thoguhts when he has all this flashbacks.

I've really enjoyed this chapter very much. So simple and yet so meaningful. Absolutely beautiful.
And now, on to the next chapter!
8/16/2015 c13 Guest
hehehe Now It just has to be clear in Yuuri's part that his feeling towards Wolfram is friendship or more than that. Otherwise Wolf will always think that Yuuri's kindness is for everyone and Yuuri will do the same thing even for the dog in the castle! Or he thinks that Yuuri's need him because Yuuri feels he loses his best friend or Yuuri feels guilty. (big sigh ~)
8/15/2015 c13 37Daygon Yuuki
Update soon
8/15/2015 c13 Guest
Just a little more Yuri!
8/15/2015 c12 Guest
You keep making my skin crawl! It's great!
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