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8/5/2020 c3 1DemonWolf25
Oh that made me laugh so hard what he did to the reaper.
5/7/2020 c8 Secretly a wuss
This story had such a sweet ending, I loved every chapter of this fic
5/3/2019 c8 MoonlightWolf.SunshineFox

but I swear I had a hard damn time to not to think about this story being (nearly) 100% PLATONIC Everytime sebastian describe ciel as his 'Little one'
... because, really,.. I just can't help it although they already kissing several times:(
and I said this mostly for chapter 3

and then there's that flashback where Lizzy and Soma become upset about ciel 'lying' to them by 'faking' his 'deaththat moment somehow giving me this foreshadowing feelings like when ciel has been caught by Lizzy that he's his brother's(Real!Ciel) imposter

now, about grell... I'm just glad that u didn't write sebastian's POV during his time with grell:v

and finally, about Tanaka...

what on Earth or Hell is he?!a demon? no no no, he's just too gentle
an angel? he could be,but he didn't do angel's job even when he's still with Vincent...
a grim reaper? Tanaka standing on the pile of bloody dead bodies is the last thing I want to imagine

a ghost? well, he's a ghost but definitely not the normal 1anyway, his flashbacks, especially his last flashback when he died... fuck that hit me hard right on my heart

and somehow, when he said his vow is to see ciel happy and married... well, I already can see where this is going to TwT

btw, knowing ciel will only life at least for 2 millennials or a little bit longer is kinda sad:'v
2/22/2019 c8 822rubens
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghggjjdjjsjshskajdhsbdbd WORDS CAN NOT DEsCRibe how much I FREAKING LOVE this fanfiction ! It’s so cute, and they get married, and oh my gosh it makes me so happy but so sad at the same time cuz it’s over
6/25/2018 c8 Wolf'sVine
This is truly... a singularly moving fic that has me feeling all light and uplifted and utterly, completely happy for Sebastian and Ciel. Those two have changed and grown and... and illuminated each other! As odd as that sounds considering they're both demons. Both are so happy with each other and I love how this entire fic, from Sebastian getting his head outta his ass, to Ciel waking up, to both accepting the importance of one another to themselves and Ciel learning his abilities as a... sorta demon and Sebastian growing and both moving from their perceptions... yes, this has been a heck of a ride! So extraordinary! And, though I worry and have questions about Ciel being mortal-ish an' all, and what will Sebastian decide to do once Ciel eventually dies in a few thousand years and what, exactly, was Tanaka... I've found this one of the rare few Kuroshitsuji fics that made feel cheery and upbeat! Seriously, it's really rare. As good as a lot 'em are, this one actually explores more than the bitterness and darkness and pain and cynicism and his cold, indomitable will... the mask of Ciel Phantomhive and the endless hunger, cruel delight and sheer singlemindedness obsession of Sebastian Michealis. So... yeah. Does that make sense? Anyways, I just had a great time with reading this fic and I've enjoyed reading the softer side of both!
1/1/2018 c8 250CampionSayn

I have zero care in the world whether or not the two favorites had a reason to raise the rating system here, so much as that I care that you, blessedly, got into the most important parts about the ending that, I do believe, everyone wanted to know, and the whole thing ended in a kind of absolute term that most long pieces such as these don't normally get.

But the fact that you gave everyone ELSE a happy end was what pleased me most of all. Especially, especially, ESPECIALLY Soma and Lizzie. I should give you some thousand praises for giving them closure, purpose and peace.

(Before I forget to take a shot in the dark: Tanaka's a kitsune, isn't he?)
12/27/2017 c8 4Jenmoon1
I liked it
12/24/2017 c8 dardar1
Great and Amazing !
12/22/2017 c8 36Aservis Roturier
I'm so glad you decided to write these. Thank you. They were wonderful, insightful, entertaining an they made me very, *very* happy. I'm so glad you lent yourself to this fandom for a while. I hope you stay longer still, but if not,please know you've made at let one reader extremely happy.
12/22/2017 c1 Lady Slytherin Phantomhive
I hoped you would update this story!
You are my favorite kuroshitsuji fanfic writer.
Does this mean you will finish “Words, strings and butterfly wings “?
12/22/2017 c8 A Loyal Reader
Oh. My. God. I'd been waiting so long for this, I hadn't even known you would post an epilogue, but man was it satisfying! Thank you so much!
7/23/2017 c7 chilerelleno
I liked this story, though I thought it either could have been longer or could have had more plot put into the existing chapters. I almost felt like it built to nothing, or maybe I missed something. The original story this is based on rushed straight to the point, but this one sort of dragged on anticlimactically. I wanted to see Ciel struggle more, and see a darker side of Sebastian. This is something I disliked about the original story (though it was done in a way that didn't bother me too much), but Sebastian seemed too gentle in this installment. I realize a lot about his character can be left up to the imagination and played around with, especially the grey area of the degree to which he cares about his favorite contractor. I can like Sebaciel if it builds. This story sort of just placed it in there and didn't include it as a part of it so it could flow. I guess I was just expecting something more emotional and moving, surprising and thought-provoking for what the premise was. I think I could deal if more detail was put into it, though. I really liked how you delved into the technicalities of things, and it would be cool to see those used as plot points in future works, or an updated version of this - be like Sebastian and take advantage of the loopholes to create something unique and unexpected. The one thing I wanted to see from this fic was emotions, even if the plot didn't turn out to have twists and turns up the hoo-ha. I don't know if this is a review, more like expectation vs. reality, but I hope it shed some light on a reader's thoughts.
6/20/2017 c7 4Jenmoon1
Exalent fic
5/13/2017 c1 ohshunkitsjenn
This was utterly satisfying in so many ways. Like a fully-contracted demon's meal, perhaps? I devoured every word. I'm so glad you stepped up to the plate to finish this already wonderful story. Authors, such as yourself, should have the confidence and fervor to complete their well-reviewed stories. I understand life gets in the way, but, they chose to become enveloped into a new world to escape life's daily struggles, and therefore should find the happiness (that it once brought them) there still waiting for them. All in all, 12 out of 10 for you, my dear. Amazing writing skills that I find rather difficult to accrue from a fanfiction site. Although this is my first story from you, I look forward to reading your other works. Keep up the good work!
10/23/2015 c7 Guest
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