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11/23/2019 c1 Ami Suzuki
I love it!...but how come there isn’t any other chapters?
2/20/2016 c2 Person
Your writing skills are amazing please update
4/6/2015 c2 WeiNieSho
This first 2 chapters caught my interest. So there will be a Rolu romance right? I tell ya this pairing is already one of most fav so I'm gonna follow this story closely and favorite it if I like it. Stingx Erza ship is clearly a unique one (though I already have trouble enjoy the most common one like Stinglucy though I'm warming up a little to it for this one or StingYukino) so I'll see how their part will run and try to adapt to it a little.
I forgot to mention the reason I can't deal with it well is because I ship JerZa so hard that I can't see Erza being paired up with someone else other than him and same for Jellal too, it's just they are pretty much canon anyway and they are meant for each other since they 1st met, it's fate so yeah but it doesn't mean I'll trash talk about your pairing, I respect everyone pairing even if we don't share the same don't worry.
Anyway I'm excited to see what happen next, keep up the good work ;). Ja ne!
4/6/2015 c2 ira.siipenyihirfairytail
Hmm... I'm enjoyed the second chapter.. But can you make it bit longer? I really love to read long chapter.. And please update soon.. I can't wait to read when erza meet sting..
4/5/2015 c1 ira.siipenyihirfairytail
Heyy,, really nice chapter.. I hope you continue it.. Is it StingxErza? If yes,, I really like it.. It really unique pair.. Please update soon

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