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3/30/2022 c2 Xtine410
Wow! This was funny and glad you wrote it. It touches all the awkward thoughts they would have back in the day. And good for Gilbert being progressive and not listening to the other men. Haha really good for Anne.
7/27/2021 c2 10SapphireBlue2007
that was different. But a good different
9/11/2019 c2 Claudia
I can’t believe I didn’t post a comment here before when I’ve read this exquisite story so many times. Your style of writing is so beautiful with little touches of humor in it. I simply love it. Anne’s line likening an orgasm to a butterfly’s wing was my favorite among many and it was a brilliant description.
I’m sorry you haven’t written more stories here because I’d love to read more from you. I’ll just have to content myself with reading this story again and again because I truly believe it’s one of the best AOGG fanfics I’ve read on here and I’m picky.
Thank you for such a gorgeous story.
2/2/2019 c2 43StarlingChild4
This is quite frankly one of the most realistic smutty fics I've ever had the pleasure to read. It's easy to forget just how not too long ago at all, the idea of a woman receiving pleasure from sex was "unheard of," so millions of women like poor Anne no doubt faced a great deal of confusion and guilt and shame (if only internally) whenever they made love to their husbands and felt the unnamed orgasm. It's heartbreaking, really, and honestly kinda relevant to this day (people still slut-shame women who enjoy sex, it's disgusting).

I absolutely LOVE and totally believe that Gilbert is a man ahead of his time if only from his education and being surrounded by ideas, old and new. Not to mention, his only deep, undying love for Anne and knowing at long last, how desperately she loves him back. It only makes sense that a man like him would dismiss the old ideas of "hysteria" and embrace the "new" idea of women enjoying sex.

Beautifully written, well done! :)
7/29/2017 c2 AnneNGil
Oh my goodness! This is such a great "missing chapter". I love reading fan fiction about Anne and Gilbert's married life because so much is lacking in the cannon. Anyway, how deliciously awkward was the conversation with Anne and Gilbert! I simply loved it! It would be so confusing to navigate and understand these feelings. I love that Gilbert was also feeling confused and unsure and was willing to admit that. To be vulnerable is a huge thing for a man of this Era. I just loved this! Thank you! And I hope you did write that " Anne-girl" piece. I'm going to look for it. :-)
6/21/2017 c2 AppleTart
Oh wow...that was really intense! I love your writing, absolutely beautiful. Everything made sense for the characters and was very believable. Maybe sooner or later we'll get Anne to return the favor! Keep the good work up
6/21/2015 c2 Astrakelly
Sexy and sweet, looking forward to more stories from you
6/10/2015 c2 9AngelRose7
Such a good story!
5/24/2015 c2 4Bertha Willis
Hot, hot, hot. I love how you showed both of their insecurities and vulnerabilities. It was so believable and in character. It would have been so difficult to live in those days and feel there is something wrong with you for normal human feelings, and you illustrated that perfectly for both of them. I loved that Gilbert already had an idea that Anne enjoyed being with him and that he had thought about it long before they were married. The teasing between them - particularly Gilbert's crack about asking him again in 20 years if he wanted to send her to an asylum - was funny and very fitting for them. Also, Anne's description of an orgasm was delightful and very Anne-like. I look forward to reading whatever you come up with next!
5/24/2015 c2 PelirrojaBiu
The second chapter was well worth waiting for! I love the way Anne described what she didn't know was an orgasm. And the last lines, about her heartbeat, were so sweet!

The story about the beginnings of "Anne-girl" sounds awesome, can't wait to read it!
5/24/2015 c2 Halinah
Wow! Just wow. One doesn't get a lot of sex talk in AoGG verse so kudos to you. I love how vulnerable they both were and that you didn't focus on Anne's "madness" only, but also on Gilbert's fantasies. When he said that he was dreaming about "drying" her with kisses by the fire... Wow, no words.

It was a very good story, you do have a knack for combining very graphic M scenes with "time-appropriate" style. Good job and I can't wait to read your other stories.
5/23/2015 c2 23katherine-with-a-k
oh, that was rather sexy. goodness me. there was something quite strained and unbelievable about the scene which made it even more believable, if that makes sense. when we find ourselves in situations thinking, this cannot be true, i cannot be saying this. but you are, and even better the other person is glad, even relieved that you did.
i'm still blushing, and i've had anne and gilbert up to all sorts, so i don't get flustered very easily. i think it wasn't really the act, so much as the intimacy and even better the vulnerability that made this story so fresh.

thanks for the shout out! and as to your last review, if i have inspired an idea about christine then please, please go for it. if you feel my characterisation spoke to you then i can only feel proud, and i am very happy to part with my version of her if you would like to give her a new story. seems a shame for her to just stop being around. and if you can write like this then i think you could give christine stuart some brilliant adventures. why don't you start with a visit to dr darby? ;o)
5/23/2015 c2 AnneFan
This story was so delicious that you must have eaten most of the comas :-D However, apart from the punctuation, it was such a great and brave chapter. I love how not only Anne had her doubts and worries, and that they worked out their insecurities with honesty. I'm looking forward to reading all your future stories!
5/22/2015 c1 Halinah
Loved this story so much! Very realistic indeed. Poor Anne, thinking she might be ill! Please, please, please, do continue!
5/18/2015 c1 lettertothewind
Please continue the story! It's really well written
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