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4/9/2021 c36 AGreen2222
This was very interesting, but sadly incomplete and frustrating. It’s a different view of Natsu as a playboy college jock. I kind of hate your Natsu and Lisanna here. Lucy deserves better than a cheater still partially in love with someone else, and I guess she just learned that. (Mest deserves better, too.). I really wish that this story was complete, or that it even had a few more chapters to show Lucy’s reaction and subsequent actions. Natsu might have wanted to make things work with Lucy, but what would he have done if Lisanna had tried to get back together for more than one drunken night and a farewell kiss of “closure?” I hope you return to this one day.
4/4/2021 c36 Guest
4/3/2021 c19 Guest
Oh my frign god ! LMFAO
4/3/2021 c11 22950008253981
Wait... Nah that is the gran- lady's kid.
12/23/2020 c1 Guest
Uh oh...
10/31/2020 c36 Guest
This is one of the best stories I have ever read! I understand if u have things going on or if you did lose inspiration, but you cannot leave us in suspense like this! You're writing is wonderful!
10/16/2020 c36 Guest
holy shit been reading this since it came out, came back to see how thing are going and god damn. Nice job. You got me hooked again. Hopefully you post soon.
9/13/2020 c36 BlueSkiezz
I don’t know how I came across this story but I am so glad I did. This is such an amazing story. The rollacoster of emotions that were evoked while reading this, was insane. I loved everything about this story and I really do hope you come back to complete this masterpiece!

Thank you so much for sharing! This story is hands down one of the best I have read in a minute
7/24/2020 c36 Rickmel
They got closure, but what about our(readers) closure?
7/14/2020 c36 Otakuchanhai
Author san please continue this story
I really wanna see how this one ends
You are really doing a great job
My heart cant take this unfinished story
5/3/2020 c36 3Akane Saito
Holy crap! It is the second time Natsu screwed up... Keep up!
2/7/2020 c23 TheMillCity0fM0mbasa1303
Suspense killing meh.
2/7/2020 c19 TheMillCity0fM0mbasa1303
Guys need to be careful with what they wish for. People out there can use our weaknesses against us.
1/20/2020 c36 Lovelove
Really? You had to end at that? Author chaaaan please continue updating
12/7/2019 c36 StellaMaiden
Roller coaster ride of emotions filled the story, loved it can't wait for next chapter. And Natsu is real asshole should get a harsh punishment for hurting Lucy
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