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for How to train your dragon: The Stranger

6/3/2018 c9 K. R. H
Girl same idea! Great minds think alike right? Except I made it Hiccup's sister and I have many parts to the story. Love your story still!
I hope you continue it! Oh and I love your cliffhangers! Go HTTYD!
2/27/2016 c9 4GenderbentDragonRider
This was sooooo good!
6/23/2015 c1 Guest
Amazing story really like the whole idea keep it up
6/7/2015 c9 hope747dogs
I loved it very creative!
4/29/2015 c3 Gideon
That is funny... Also on the DVD mini-series, the eels makes dragon hallucinate and really bad for their health, loosing control, making them sick. I like the way you use that contrast Neobendium.
4/29/2015 c2 Gideon
One of the mini-series on the DVD have the same story-line, a girl wreck stranded, working as a spy for Alvin whose holding her parents as a hostage. She eventually stole Stormfly returning to the Outcast island...
4/29/2015 c1 Gideon
That is an interesting ready... Thx!
4/19/2015 c9 10The Glass Sea
Aww, this was really sweet! Iona's powers were really cool. However, I'd really like to know how she got her powers, or maybe about how her time with the Outcasts was like. So maybe a sequel? :)
I really liked this!
4/16/2015 c9 Guest
Will you write a sequel maybe Dagur coming back because he said he will be back for her?
4/16/2015 c8 Guest
she escaped can't wait to read the next chapter will there be a sequel?
4/16/2015 c7 Guest
yay toothless wants her back?
4/16/2015 c6 Guest
poor Iona I hope the dragons come back for her?
4/16/2015 c8 bell
That's not exactly true, have you seen the one about Toothless' Rivel.
4/16/2015 c4 bell
Wow, is this YOUR outlook on these characters.
4/16/2015 c3 bell
Really, kingdom. The term is tribe.(sigh)
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