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7/24/2020 c2 Vela
This is an amazing fic and it portrays toad like we all want, a hero! I’m waiting for more but it probably won’t come:( but at least we got two great chapters out of it! I wish it would continue as a toad/logan fic
1/6/2017 c2 2mooncrossed
Okay, I am officially hooked! Love the character development and the jokes are awesome. Toad has always been a favorite of mine, and it will be really cool seeing how Xavier and the others can make him blossom. Something tells me, Magneto will wind up regretting this. Can't wait to see what happens next!
1/12/2016 c2 J
bless u for this 3
7/1/2015 c2 Guest
Mort is an adult, but I can see everything else clear as day.
This is someone who actually watched the show, giving you a thumbs up.
6/7/2015 c2 3Paradox Predator
This was the weirdest MRD torture session of all time...
4/28/2015 c1 Guest
so good :)
please write more chapters

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