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for Cheaper by the Dozen: NCIS Style

11/23/2015 c8 Guest
So beautiful miss them so much
10/29/2015 c7 Liz
Loving your story and can not wait to read MORE and NOW!.
10/27/2015 c7 Debbie
Love the fact Tony took Ziva to Paris for their honeymoon.
10/27/2015 c7 17DS2010
Paris great spot for a honey moon.
10/27/2015 c7 Sue Dooley
Awesome! Tiva forever.
9/30/2015 c6 Sue Dooley
It was so worth the wait! Awesome!
9/29/2015 c6 Guest
Really enjoyed this perfect song
9/29/2015 c6 Debbie
Yes the wedding was beautiful. The song was perfect for them. Enjoy reading their memories. Cant't wait to see what Tony has plan. I glad he is keeping it a surprise about the honeymoon.
8/17/2015 c5 pandorablueskies
Loving it so far, especially the threat of letting Ziva drive, LOL! Please update soon!
7/28/2015 c2 11Dixie Dewdrop's Graceland
I tried to read this but gave up following after this chapter. It is difficult to have the story flow when dialogue is bunched together in big paragraphs. Have you thought about giving each piece of dialogue its own line?
7/25/2015 c5 Liz
Loving it so far and especially the cat fight. Now don't wait to long to update and may I make a suggestion. Have Tony earn Ziva's love again. Daddy Gibbs will be around to help her out when things get to be too confusing but Tony is the one who has to crawl and crawl good. Looking forward to more and soon. Keep up the good writing and especially all the info on Ziva.
7/24/2015 c5 Debbie
Congratulations on passing your driving test. Perfect way to get rid of Zoe with Gibbs kicking her into the elevator. Love the idea of Tony dumpster diving good payback for all the stuff he has pulled on everyone else!
6/10/2015 c4 Princess Tiva 1989
Story is awesome so far when will there be more
5/24/2015 c4 Debbie
Boy Tony got a lot of explaining to do. Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/24/2015 c4 Sue Dooley
Awesome! Great!
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