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for Cheaper by the Dozen: NCIS Style

1/20/2020 c47 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more.
1/12/2020 c46 Rebecalyn42
I have read this story 3 times and I check every couple of days to see it you have updated again. Please add more to it. Thank you!
9/20/2019 c46 Lynn
I'm looking forward to the next chapter and more babies! Lol
8/12/2019 c46 Debbie
I remember my two kids having chicken pox. We were all cuddling together in my bed because they were very uncomfortable. I was also pregnant with my third child at the time lucky l had them when l was younger so she was protected. She never got the chicken pox till she was 16. Looking forward to the next chapter.
7/23/2019 c46 17DS2010
Oh boy what a day in the DiNozzo house. I had chicken pox as a kid not fun at all. Never thought to do connect the dots though. Was too itchy
7/23/2019 c46 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more.
7/10/2019 c45 12TeamTivali
To previous commenter. Ziva hasn’t done 12 pregnancies. The review leads me to believe you only read this chapter and not the story all the way through. Their first 3 are adopted. More babies will be born as other children come by other means. Sure it might end up being one of those cheesy weird fanfic type things, but no one can please everybody. And I know I’m not accurate on things either but fanfiction is just a hobby. :) I love Tiva. Ziva is alive and I hope she reunited with Tony and Tali after what’s gonna go down happened. But before that I’d like some story of what she was doing while she was gone. :)
7/10/2019 c45 Guest
Their kids are already so interchangeable, and not very realistic to expect Ziva to carry 12 pregnancies to term - families that large are only found among religious fantatics. You should have Joshua get a girl pregnant and have T & Z raise the baby as theirs. Do it!
5/23/2019 c45 Lynn
I'm enjoying the story so very much! I'm looking forward to more chapters! ️️️
5/2/2019 c45 Sue Dooley
Fantastic. Tiva forever.
4/25/2019 c45 17DS2010
Love how they got the kids out of the woodwork.
Love Twister haven't played in ages at least since I was more flexible that is.
4/24/2019 c45 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more...
4/24/2019 c45 Guest
The upload didn’t work properly. It’s unreadable.
3/25/2019 c44 Guest
I missed something, when did Tony quit his job to stay home all day and have badly written smut sex with Ziva? Who's supporting their family or are they getting paid to just sit home banging each other? Confused here
3/22/2019 c44 Lynn
I just stumbled across this update. I really enjoyed it but I love all things Tiva! Thanks for updating!
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