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for The Stranger's Fire

3/21/2019 c1 7TheAttemptedWriter
It's a great read, disappointing that the story itself is dead. It's always the good ones that die too soon.
3/18/2019 c14 Darth Authorr
3/5/2019 c1 Ashleigh Piccinino
I would think, since he's a Dragon Rider, that he should be with Deineris Targarian. I know she's not a Stark, but maybe, she could be a Dragon rider to at least Vicarian, the dragon she named after her brother.
2/28/2019 c14 lordonyx348 this abandoned?
2/19/2019 c14 7AvatarHiccup
Please continue this awesome story
2/6/2019 c14 HRTG1027
I kind of don't think that Eragon would want another romantic interest. It doesn't even feel that important to the story actually. Thanks!
1/6/2019 c14 karadsumet
I know this isn't on your list of priorities, but I would appreciate a status update on a rough estimate for this fic. Not saying you have to update right away, just a polite enquiry about its status would be helpful. Thank you.
12/18/2018 c14 nyx-p1e
Wow, amazing story! Can't wait for Saphira to arrive though! I'm looking forward to seeing how Dany and Eragon continue, it'll be interesting to see how Dany's ideas and campaign's change with Eragon as an advisor. Hope you get the time and inspiration to update soon! :D
11/11/2018 c14 1Rogue Survivor
This story doesn't go anywhere, or do anything other than have Eragon murder a few thugs.
11/10/2018 c10 Rogue Survivor
There's a missing paragraph in this chapter. It starts, with, "The Umber men. in the crowd, would haveand it just ends.
8/22/2018 c4 95TMI Fairy
The Superman failed to notice that Varys was plotting against Robert since Day One?
Meh ...
8/22/2018 c1 TMI Fairy
To answer the writer's query - MUST there by a pairing?
8/5/2018 c14 Ass eater3000
i would just like to say that your story is one that i enjoyed immensely and i especially like the great grasp you have on the characters as well as the great action sequences however despite all the praise i have for this story i have a few nitpicks about chief among them is how demure and subdued eragon seems and he's unwillingness to act for i feel that far too little is changing. while I'm not asking you to have him do everything ad resolve all the problems of the world in a single chapter i feel that more should have changed with the addition of a character such as eragon while certain events such as neds death are necessary for the story to continue I can only wait to see how you handle certain things such as the red wedding or the war of the five kings despite all of this i truly enjoyed this story as well as the fact that there aren't any other good inheritance trilogy crossover fics and as such I await the next chapter to this great story
7/13/2018 c14 Peyton
Good story, I wish you would continue. By the way, you used the wrong name for the translator, that name you used is for the Red Woman that hangs with Stannis Baratheon. The translator's name is Misanday.
6/18/2018 c14 kellen23
One of the best Inheritance gifs I've read in a long time. Hopefully you get back to it. I'm officially invested in this.
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