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1/30 c75 pwrmom2
Really loved this
8/29/2020 c75 Guest
I love your story. Kristina and Johnny is an odd pair and while it work I really wanted to see a Jo-Jo (Johnny and Jordan) pairing. I wish that Piph had some romance in the story. However, I love all of the kids in the story. You write very cute "kids". Thanks for the entertainment.
7/1/2020 c26 7WhitmanFrostFiend
I think what makes sense for Patrick is to forgive and move on-or start over-with Sam, since so far in this story Sam is mostly portrayed as a WIP or different/more than that one bad act. On the other hand, I love Robin and want him to just dump Sam and give it a go with Robin. AGAIN.
5/25/2020 c75 Monifea12
Absolutely no..Carly and him was meant to be..
2/11/2020 c37 Guest
No, they should not invite Alexis and Molly to the birthday party became it is Jake party
2/11/2020 c36 Guest
Elizabeth should not be nice to Sam after what she put her and the boys
2/11/2020 c35 Guest
I'm glad that Sam lost her baby. Jake should have not like Danny for a while
12/12/2018 c75 Guest
Love this, I don't watch GH anymore but I love reading these type of stories
7/29/2018 c75 sarah021769
This by far jas to be one of my all time favorites. You did an awesome job with the characters. I loves how strong you made them all in the end. Another great job.
7/19/2018 c34 sarah021769
I enjoyed the family dynamic with the boys it's going great.
7/18/2018 c28 sarah021769
The last few chapters have had a lot of ups and downs. I am truly enjoying this story. I am glad Jason and Michael are wishing up. I love that Cameron is so strong in this story.
7/17/2018 c21 sarah021769
Kevin made Jason realize so much in his life. I knkw its hard to admit feelings that you couldnt understand at one point. I think you did a great job with that session.
7/17/2018 c18 sarah021769
Wow that conversation in therapy was hard. The way you wrote their feelings was really raw and emotional. It was a great chapter.
7/16/2018 c14 sarah021769
I like that yhey went the therapy. I feel slightly bad for Sam to be told that the person you loved more tham amything was lying aboht how he truly felt (but thats probably cause I was in a similar situation) I am happy to see Sam stay with Patrick i think they had a cute relationship
7/16/2018 c11 sarah021769
That was a hard chapter. He is so broken and they are both so hurt and lost.
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