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for A Jewel Fair and Bright

7/17 c15 9Fleur24
Well at least they were generous enough to heal her before throwing her in a cell. I'm glad she's not in a cell of her own, but why did they shove her with Thorin? Must think that because she's the only female, she and Thorin must be together. To bad they picked the wrong Durin. Thorin'll take care of her though.
7/17 c14 Fleur24
Fíli has the right of it. He knows she could have stayed behind.
7/17 c13 Fleur24
Yay! New chapter! Awe Beorn is sweet on her! All the bird nicknames. Those dwarrows better watch .out!
6/16 c11 SuperWhoVenger214
YESSSSSS! I'm so excited that Fili won! And that goat is pure gold! LMAO! I love this story and I love Mizimel as a character. You write everyone so well and in character. It is truly a joy to read. I've binged the whole story until this chapter and now I'm bummed I'm caught up and have to wait for more! I can't wait to see what Thorin says when he finds out. And what Mizimel thinks of it. I wonder...will Fili be the one to tell her what her name means? :) Keep up the wonderful work!
6/16 c10 SuperWhoVenger214
This is an amazing story! I don't know if you're still taking votes on who Mizimel ends up with, but I'm hoping you are, since I'm only one chapter away from where you leave off. Anyway...my vote is for Fili!
4/12 c1 Guest
Very good fic i look foward to reed more
1/11/2018 c11 1hermonine
Great story! Sad to here Fili is the winner as I was rooting for Thorin. Keep up the nice work and update soon!
11/5/2017 c11 3Zyenna
I love Nob. He's hilarious. Fili is gonna offer to braid her hair isn't he? Or ask her to help braid his. I'm so excited! Pleeeeeeeeeease update soon!
11/4/2017 c9 Jhessill
CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming nuptials! Many a happy years to you and your beloved. :)
11/4/2017 c11 laurabambyjones
Hahaha. A very funny chapter! Xxx
11/4/2017 c11 Guest
11/3/2017 c10 Guest
Fili would be a great pair for her and he is the one she has been able to relate to when upset and needing comfort.
11/4/2017 c11 1Lyryenn
Yes! Fili won! i can't wait for the next chapters! this is so good! i'm dying here!
11/3/2017 c10 2Lelleg
Fili I think
11/3/2017 c10 13relative1983
I vote for Fili, closer in age and less brooding than Thorin. Plus it would be nice to see a different pairing than the expected Thorin x (fill in anybody else here). Also, my compliments on writing an OC and not turn them into a Mary Sue!
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