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5/5/2019 c1 26Fi Suki Saki
I definitely Love when she kiss his cheek! XD
Blushing Kaito is great!
8/15/2018 c1 29YokaiAngel
5/10/2017 c1 50Alaena F. Dragonstar
That was sweet _
11/12/2015 c1 5Shana-Fujioka
So short! But really cute. :3
4/26/2015 c1 katie D
This was really cute and very well written. I enjoy your work. Can't wait for future KaiShin!
4/7/2015 c1 9JarayZ
- You still post the story even though you're busy?
- AwwKind of romantic, they helped each other until they fall in love It made me squealed a lot!
- And is it just me that I don't understand some sentences?
'she had to thing logically'? And 'then yelled slightly when she tugged on her white tie, pulling him closer to her'?
- Thanks for this great story and good luck on your... Eh tests?
- JarayZ

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