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9/5 c2 19ReaperOfBalance
Hmm, no real opinion on this yet, though Morgoth should be careful when Harry eventually goes to Hogwarts. The school is enchanted to allow Spirits to be visible so Morgoth could be seen at Hogwarts and that would cause problems
9/5 c1 ReaperOfBalance
So Harry is to be the next Sauron in a sense
8/31 c2 10Notsae
You know, I wouldn't be surprised if Melkor was actually fairly interested in the technology of modern humans; he and his minions were often associated with industrialization and development, even if particularly their more negative effects. He also would likely be intelligent enough to grasp the absolutely ludicrous heights technology can attain if he looked into (and wouldn't be stupid enough to dismiss it out of hand like his more self righteous kin). Magic is great, but you rarely see magic on the level of even the most basic of Xeelee tech, all of which is theoretically possible to actually make.
8/18 c2 Vigriff
I'll watch this story with great interest.
7/26 c2 8Jacob Phantom
Please update your story soon!
7/8 c2 1Capell
You have...a considerable number of stories going on. A few of which I am following, this one now included! A chuckle or two did indeed overtake me as I read this and so, I look forward to more in the future.
6/9 c2 Rakan
This is amazing. Britain's not going to know what hit it
6/3 c2 ElementalMaster16
Very cool chapter! This story is a lot of fun so far and I look forward to reading more.

6/1 c2 Kacher
Thank you author.
Can you consider adding a glossary for terms used in the end of the chapter for those who aren't experts in the lore of Adara?
5/30 c1 The God of Perverts
So far it looks good. I hope rape doesn't become a part of this story. You can be dark and evil without going around and raping people.
5/30 c2 3NullSilver2005
Very nice story that sounds like a ton of awesomeness.

Hope shit gets better for you.
5/29 c2 2Isaac LB
It's adorable how the unlikely duo is slowly stepping into Britain's magical community.
5/29 c1 Isaac LB
I suppose it is possible to find tranquility anywhere (especially if it is the only place where you do not receive abuse).
Now, how are those two related?
5/29 c2 1Golshad
I'm sorry for your loss but really happy to hear your not going to abandon your stories!
5/29 c2 170Virodeil
Thanks for writing and posting this update! This is one of my favourites. It's so original, and refreshingly at that. I look forward to Harry talking in the Darkspeech to the goblins... :grin:
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