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12/2 c45 MojoBlack
Ok. How the hell can Vegeta even stand a chance against Turles? Like how?!

Tapion, Zard, Chi chi powered up with Mana now, Macki possibly having a powerup how?
Turles is looking almost unstoppable.

Don't get me wrong the fights were absolutely spectacular and I have never seen a Chi Chi so justifyingly strong before. Turles is indeed a stronger force than I realized but damm. I have no idea how Turles can be stopped. He and his crew just look so overpowered and growing so far but not in a bad way.

Worst of all Goku and Co have no idea what's going on and will probably be woefully unprepared should Turles ever turn his eye towards them.

Great chapter as always.
11/30 c45 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus


And poor Chi chi. Mind controlled to make her think differently. Each retort came with an ever strong attack to her psyche. All she would have ever wanted is the confirmation. This? This Chi chi is bombed with guilt.

Right when she was about to turn around, she comes back reeling back to her old self. She needs Goku to grip her back and fight the control. With Goku's sorrow in his voice alone giving us an indication of what she needs. The slight tinge of want would keep her pulling back to her past.

I thought that she'll be with Vegeta or become a background character after, but Chi chi's tenacity towards Goku in the fic is like arguing with Destiny.

At least I know Bulma can become Kinky enough for three. And rich enough to be casual about it.

Don't know about Macki though. Well, she could be an alternative pair to Vegeta. But then again, she's pure and her own choice to be with Tullece.
11/29 c45 Anonymous
First, how is a fruit with energy from a planet giving Turles so much of a power boost despite not healing him from near death?
People like Vegeta and Nappa are easily capable of destroying a planet so shouldn't the power boost be like barely 20-30K per fruit?

Second is, Turles beat Tapion who had mastered Hirudegarn's power? Seriously?
The same Hirudegarn who kicked the crap out of Ultimate Gohan and ssj3 Goku barely could win against? Seems impossible that you have elevated Turles to those levels of power. I mean even without Hirudegarn's power Tapion was easily stronger than Trunks and Goten as super saiyans who should be much stronger than Goku was on Namek at least
11/28 c45 2Naruto Loves FemKyuubi
11/28 c45 Zeon Paralysis Crystal
Interesting turn of events for this saga. We have two ancient warriors, two powerful but mind-controlled ladies, and some power-grabbing. Wonder if Vegeta would befriend this place.

And for that Sexy Woman concept in the Author Notes did you have a character concept in specifics or no? Just curious
11/28 c45 35B.E.A.T.N
Nice work on this chapter.
I'm glad we finally got an explanation as to why Chi Chi and even Macki would willingly serve Tullece after what he's done. A subtle form of mind control. Reminds me a lot of the bio chips from clone wars. I really hope that Goku's message getting through for a moment means there's hope for her to return to the side of good. The fights were amazing as always, and I liked the new additions to the cast of villains.
Can't wait to see what happens next.
Have a great day/night and stay safe.
11/28 c45 codywhite162
Loved the chapter! Cannot wait to read what happens next!
11/26 c11 Mystery889
He’s getting his tail back I’m liking this even more
11/26 c6 Mystery889
So no gohan at all since she’s named pan I’m guessing
11/25 c39 Eddyg125
That was... underwhelming. I've enjoyed this story so far but after everything that has happened this seems so cheap
11/23 c44 MojoBlack
The sheer creativity in this chapter is off the charts.
Turles is now married to Chi chi!? Holy cow what a twist! I hope she has a baby someday. That would make things interesting when it's time to face Goku and them.
Also Macki in the mix is a great addition also.

Turles intelligence is fun to read but I'm glad that his arrogance is being challenged by this living planet Agmus. This is so exciting because I literally have no idea which direction this story will go in now! Not killing Turles was a smart move!
11/22 c44 B.E.A.T.N
Very interesting chapter. A living planet is a really cool thing to see our main villain go up against. And as I've said before, I legit feel bad for ChiChi. She's basically been brainwashed to be loyal to Tullece, one of his wives, which could explain why Goku's wish for her to return didn't work. We can only hope that maybe one day ChiChi will be freed from Tullece, the monster he is, and rejoin our heroes. Either way, I'm excited to see these tests the planet will put Tullece, Mackie and ChiChi through. Also, nice Super Broly cameos earlier in the chapter. Have a great day/night and stay safe.
11/22 c43 B.E.A.T.N
Putting more focus on Tullece, as well as Vegeta, makes them both more very frightening foes for future chapters. Especially with Tullecr planing on, from what I can gather, brainwashing ChiChi into being loyal to him. I feel so bad for her, honestly! Anyway, have a great day/night and stay safe.
11/21 c44 Ariadne Venegas
Could this planet save Chichi from her enslavement so she could at least decides if this the life she likes for herself? Also hse had a son or daughter yet?
11/21 c44 majinmarkuz
Love the world building!
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