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10/19 c36 The Rocha
Turles be like "Surprise biches, I AM the Real Final Boss here!"

Still Chi-Chi was a heel to Turles, who the hell goes "Maybe I can kill him" to someone who just saved your life?

Then again, the way Turles is talking about Chi-Chi is kinda creepy now. Its kind of funny that the more she resisted him, the more attracted he felt. Saiyans in looooove ️

Btw, love how much of a skilled fighter Chi-Chi is here. Wouldn't mind seeing more love like that for other humans.

Interesting idea with Chi-Chi's parentage. They do look similar.

I thought our heroes were already boned enough with Freeza going to 100%, then Tullece pulls a bamboozle on Freeza.

Tullece be like "None of this Cyber-Freeza shit."

So, Tree of Might is related to the saiyans? Interesting.

I'm curious what happened to Turles' wife. She's clearly dead here.

I'm curious to see what Aspara does. This IS her father after all.

Turles might have done better if he instead promised Aspara's hand to Vegeta, but Vegeta is not one to play second fiddle.

You know, they should really give those fruits to Bulma. She might be able to understand how they work and make something like them.

Looks like Goku is about to go full Super Saiyan. For Tullece to kill Freeza so easily, he must be on the level of Future Trunks, or even that of the Future Androids. Not even the Super Saiyan is going to suffice, here.

Anxious for the next part!
10/17 c36 20poetrymagic12
Finally got a chance to read it...this is getting good. Just hope Chi Chi does get more development...will you have her with this rivalry with Bulma because she believes she stole Goku away from her due to them marrying. I still am wondering that..will she end with Vegeta instead...love that we can see more Chi Chi fighting...especially since she gave it up to be an education mama for Gohan...

Something also has to get Goku made enough to go Super Saiyan...what will it be...I would love for Frieza to show fear once again...

I can't wait for more...Update soon!
10/17 c36 Aftermath Man
This just keeps getting better and better but I long to see Goku get really mad. Super Saiyan where are you?
10/16 c36 MojoBlack
This chapter further cements why this story is one of the all time greats.
I did not see anything coming. Not a single thing. I thought Chi chi would somehow win against Turles, I was wrong.
Turles killing Freiza was an all time shocker! Plus to leave no trace of him!
Vegeta s speech was very powerful and very in character! What's the point of power if you have to grovel or be a slave? That's his take on it.
Turles killing off Dende for them rejecting his offer is pretty rage inducing. Now let's see who turns into Super Saiyan in order to bring about the dream that Turles gave up on? Oh man this so awesome!
10/15 c36 2Naruto Loves FemKyuubi
Ugh stupid Chi-Chi then again that woman is a problem always grrr anyway that's one interesting start of new fight with our Goku and his brother and others against Tullece my friend :3 and thanks for another chapter for your Heart of Adventures Goku and Bulma love couple love story LastationLover5000 :3
10/15 c36 Guest
Well damn, that was insane. On the one hand, Freeza is dead, with Tullece making sure he couldn't come back as a cyborg. On the other hand, he's basically declared himself the new galactic emperor. Cold, and Cooler is he exists in this timeline, will not be pleased.

That said, I do like how Tullece played the long game, and actually did as much research into the Tree of Might as possible before using it. Including the theory that ancient Saiyans used it, with some it's effects passed on via genetics? Calling it now, Cumber and the other evil Saiyans used the tree to beat Yamoshi, but it screwed up Planet Sadala in the process. That could also explain why the Saiyans conquered Planet Plant/Vegeta from the Tuffles...

Also, Chi-Chi's mother is Annin?! That opens up a lot of possibilities. After this fiasco on Namek is over, Chi-Chi will finally meet her mom and get training? It's also nice to see Goku still cares for her, even if they didn't marry in this timeline. I'm still curious to see what she wants to ask Goku...

With that said, thank you guys for the update, and to be continued!
10/14 c36 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Poor poor Gohan Sr...

As for the Shinseijū tree, well this explains how a Saiyan of Legend could get worn down by numbers alone.

Tullece, you're walking on a dangerously thin line that you don't want to cross... Especially since Goku's far far more powerful than his cannon End of Namek Base Form.

Kill Raditz or any other person close to him and you will turn into a literal flying Cherry ready to be popped.

Highlight of this chapter!
Tullece Throwing her daughter to his nephew and then throwing his nephew to his daughter.

IDC what anyone is thinking why this is my highlight. I just can't stop giggling whenever I associate this action with juggling. It's not helping that Tullece already got an almost albino white skin that my brain is filling up the gaps easily. The big red nose, the red lipstick, and all other clown accessories.

Tullece stole Goku's job as the court jester!
10/14 c36 Guest
oka cant believe im saying this but Id ship Chichi and Vegeta. they really had lightyears more character growth the in cannon
10/14 c36 YungWave
I don't believe it, a new chapter has come out, I'll drink a good cider for such a wonderful day.
10/14 c36 Anonymously96
A quick question
How did the fruit give him so much power? The fruit merely is the manifestation of the planets energy, a majority of it is used by the tree itself and the surplus is the fruit
Now considering that Vegeta or even Nappa were capable of destroying planets, how is the tree able to give power surpassing 120 million of Frieza at 100%?
Or is the tree capable of magnifying the power it siphons from the planet and thus giving such a massive boost? Moreover, isn't the base strength capped or plateaus untill the saiyan can transform to a ssj or something?
Also, I'm guessing turles will make the mistake of either killing Pan or Bulma somehow for torturing Goku or something
10/14 c36 Guest
I'm excited to see what's next in the next chapter
10/13 c36 Etro champion
Thanks I like what you did and you know that's of fans theory about Chichi's biological mother Annin possibly being biological mother of chichi so you're not the only one that has that theory thank you for your story hope you're having a great week by the way some of your story inspires me to write my own Goku and Bulma story but the story that I want to use from yours would be okay if I bolts in the material and I thank you again and have a great night I'm on East Coast time at 1:23 a.m. in the morning
10/13 c36 2DdraigTrueEmperor9
This was a amazing chapter full of twists.
I wasn't expecting that Chi-Chi would be Annin daughter it really made my brain work to remember her back to the Piccolo Jr Saga of her character working under King Yemma if I'm not mistaken.

Those fruits are very powerful if they made Turles that powerful he must close if not on par with Goku post-namek.
Now that Frieza is gone I wonder if Goku, Raditz or Vegeta will reach the SSJ form now that Turles killed Dende and brutalized Chi-Chi, not to mention maybe he harmed Bulma as well and is the biggest threat in the planet aside from the Tree.

Not a big fan of Vegeta in this arc, but liked how he rejected Turles offer due to his pride it shows his character development.
Wondering what they will do to Aspara as Vegeta and Raditz should know or suspect she will most likely ally with her father especially since she gets a fruit to become stronger.

Looking forward to the next chapter and what other twists you guys have prepared for the story.
10/13 c36 silverhawk88
welp, that was brutal what happened to freezer...wow! now I cant wait to see when all of them go super saiyan and just kick butt!
10/13 c36 21B.E.A.T.N
So many amazing twists and turns! Chi Chi's mom is Annin, Dende was killed in a very unexpected way, Freeza's dead, and now we have Goku, Raditz, Vegeta and the others about to face off against Tullece. I actually really liked Vegeta's rejection of working with Tullece. I hope Chi Chi is still alive. The way Tullece talked about their fight, it makes me think he left her for dead, but that something will come along to bring her back into the fight. Cause I really want this version of Chi Chi to get a happy ending. Until next time, have a great day/night and stay safe.
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