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7/8/2022 c42 Offunseeker271
Is cooler not canon to your story
7/8/2022 c42 leonardmosca08
Another beautiful piece of storytelling thank you by the way good luck on your Star wars fanfiction like I said it's not my forte your story but it's good that you're attempted to Branch out like I said you're talented right on the site one of the more talented ones out there have a great week and stay safe for this crazy and turbulent time you legendary individual
7/8/2022 c42 43B.E.A.T.N
Damn, this chapter was intense. Tullece is a genuinely terrifying villain in this, being able to take over the Freeza empire and kill King Cold so quickly makes him a real threat. And I'm honestly terrified for ChiChi and whatever Tullece has planned for her. She's clearly there against her will, and I'm guessing Tullece is gonna keep her under his foot for awhile. I'm guessing what he has planned is some sort of test to make her stornger or mind control her. REALLY hoping it ain't the latter.
I hope she'll get saved eventually.
Have a great day/night and stay safe.
7/8/2022 c42 4BlueShard20
Well, King Cold is dead. Guess that means Frieza won't be rebuilt into a cyborg now that his father is gone? I wonder how that will cause a ripple effect to the androids arc and Cell's power?

Loved the chapter!
7/4/2022 c13 Superjew94
Good story well written so far the only issue I have and it is A minor pet peeve in the grand scheme of things is your use of names switching between English and Japanese names depending on the character. My only critique would be stick with one Version of the names instead of switching between the two depending on the character, as I said this is just a minor pet peeve of mine overall it’s one of the most well written stories grammar and story wise that I have read.
6/26/2022 c27 2Shihaku4
Aspara saying Pan is a weakling when at four she is stronger than she was recently lol
6/23/2022 c41 2DdraigTrueEmperor9
This chapter was a perfect way of ending the Namek Saga.
It was funny how Goku started to tease Raditz about his possible future relationship with Tights.
Though surprised that none of the Saiyans mentioned Goku newly attained SSJ status.

Despite everything Nappa is a good ally toward the Z-Fighters with training he can become even stronger and help the cause of protecting Earth when Goku or Raditz aren't around.

I feel bad about Porunga, but like Nail said the temptation of a Dragon who can grant 3 or more wishes is too big for evil people, now upgrading Shenron is perfect and maybe remove the life connection with Kami as that was always the biggest weakness at least until Dende became the new Guardian of Earth.
Really liked that the Namekians will be settling down on Earth but on a land especially made for them after all if I remember correctly they only need water to survive.

Also was surprised that Vegeta remained somewhat cordial to everyone as he just wished to leave and hunt Turles, though makes sense as he knows about the gravity function.
Also due to how things went with Chi-Chi, I do hope that Vegeta not only end up rescuing her but also marrying her, as after all both of them are Heir's of Fallen Kingdoms with similar personalities.

Looking forward to the original arc of Vegeta hunting the would be new Emperor of the Galaxy Turles that maybe haven't counted meeting resistance of the ones called Cooler and King Cold wanting to erase him.

Stay safe and Until the next chapter.
6/23/2022 c41 2Naruto Loves FemKyuubi
Very nice and special chapter for your Heart of Adventures Goku and Bulma love couple love story my friend :3 and let the games begin LastationLover5000 :3
6/23/2022 c41 hc94436
Pretty please continue I love this story!
6/23/2022 c41 4Goku275
I am LOVING this story! PLEASE keep up the MARVELOUS work.
6/23/2022 c41 Guest
Oh no don’t tell me chi-chi is is about to go through one of those crazy hentai situations, that’ll be tuff. I hope she escapes that situation.
6/22/2022 c41 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Oh dear... This is bad news, for Goku and Chi-Chi.

For Chi-Chi, it's because she has become submissive. With her and Turles' Daughter having no one to have a ledge to rely on for months, she has probably lost all hope and let her Stockholm syndrome set in. Goku saying his Goodbye isn't helping as that will just bury the knife deeper to the bone.

For Goku, if Chi-Chi is saved, thanks to him looking like Turles he'll have a willing "slave" once he does so, regardless of rehabilitation or having a Knight in Shining armor called Vegeta. Because now, Chi-Chi's loyal to Turles and his cause.

And since I am sure that she's going to be not allowed to be near the Dragonballs, she's most likely going to force her way into his life. Either from sneaking in, or injecting hallucinogens to get her "fix". (that Turles most likely used on her so he could switch her into thinking he is Goku. She's a defiant woman, Turles would need it.)

Anyway, Turles is emitting Smol PP energy if he only got one child to pop out.

His Daughter is most likely getting the beat down of her entire life right now... Wait a second, Vegeta in his SSJ form would not be enough and he'll be on a timer to keep the form on for as long as possible, despite Vegeta's proficiency, he was never trained to master his Ki like Goku did, so he's going to more than likely fail and be killed. Even Aspara is going to have the same problem so even if she is also going to turn into a Super Saiyan with Vegeta, it won't be enough. Plus Aspara doesn't have any trigger aside from getting Chi-Chi Killed. And even then, that's a long shot since she's going to be submissive to Turles.

Bulma, you need to get your man out there again, because he's the only other useful Saiyan that has a remote chance to control the SSJ form and fight Turles who probably has more fruit eaten in those 4 months.

(But before that, a quick stop into the HTC to master his Saiyan form. Turles' threat level should give Goku enough motivation to train even further beyond. As for Pan, she's most likely not going to be allowed to be trained in the HTC because of all of the schooling that she missed. Bulma would certainly give Pan a 4 month break after that entire ordeal, one that she has already used up.)

Plus Goku needs that Yardrat training one way or another.

But before anything else, Bulma with all of her intelligence, should know that different organisms can live in different environments. Even Alien life like a virus, so she'll definitely check Goku out.

If you want Trunks, he could still be brought into the fray if Goku's pills got shot out in the fight (or bought by Vegeta because he used his ship and Goku had to go in a Ship that was heading to Yardrat) and have the cure only increase Goku's time before the Virus kicks in by another year because it's still in testing phase.

Trunks could bring the complete cure.

Anyway, with Bulma's death, Goku and her needed to remarry each other. Or... Well... Be forced to marry with a third wheel Milk Milk that would act more like a concubine.
6/22/2022 c41 Zeon Paralysis Crystal
Well then this is a present surprise on all sides of the fence of these last two chapters.

1. Chi Chi being locked out. But getting a heartfelt message from a friend while in Turles' hands. Hope she hears even the collar.

2. Namekians staying on earth for their own safety and basically dodging the events of Meta Cooler but right into the Cell Saga. And that's not even the first set of problems.

3. The tension between Nappa and others. Understandable given their troop is reason a good few of them are being revived. That's gonna be a trip in a half to deal with in later.

4. Now a 4 to 5 way brawl with the Universe at stake with the Z Fighters understandably stepping out of the Universal Stage for a time given everything that happened. The sides here are Vegeta, Turles, King Cold, Cooler, and the Heeters

Two things are curiously of note here. One from way way back to Raditz's arrival the Red Ribbon Army is still operating curiously enough but simply curb stomped by Raditz again. And also Aspara and Chi Chi's relationship. So many cards on the table but so little time. Hope everything goes well.
6/22/2022 c41 leonardmosca08
I am impressed that you continue to do the story and continue to try to get the story out most riders would have given up by now but not you and your co-writis and for that I'm eternally grateful and that is why you and your co-writis have become some of my favorite writers on here this is one of the best dragon Ball z stories I've ever seen and it's inspired me to write one and similar format but close to the Canon format but what little jazzed up material but thank you have a great Fourth of July and no spike in the fruit punch I'm sorry that was my cat's evil twin brother mochi
6/22/2022 c41 43B.E.A.T.N
I'm very happy to see out heroes return to Earth.
And I love all of the stuff added in.
A little bit of Yamcha bashing, the Namekians staying on Earth, the Earth Dragon Balls will be improved, and I hope Goku's message to ChiChi will help her return to everyone on Earth.
Have a great day/night and stay safe.
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