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1/20 c51 moscaleonard72
We done very nicely done by the way have you ever played dragon Ball z kakarot you know they have a Bruce falconer mod you can download into the game they actually use music from him thank you again for a fantastic story and I hope you had a great holiday sorry being a tool .
1/19 c51 Youknowkakarot
Damn I can’t wait for the next chapter i love goku in this story. The relationship with bulma and goku is just perfect. I also enjoyed the fights
1/5 c50 Zero-Zoldyck
I really loved this fic, but ill admit im losing some intetest with the tullece arc. Tullece was cool as a one off villain as like surprise Frieza isnt the big threat, but idk for me he just doesnt have the staying power. Still ill power through it, because Im looking forward to the android saga. Real shame goku missed out on yardrat though instant transmission is one of the coolest techniques in dragon ball imo. I really enjoyed the bulk of this fic though, i always love saiyans being saiyans go team tail.
11/28/2023 c46 f46adpg
vegeta shouldn't have a "pure heart" right now. and you're seriously downplaying super Saiyan now if you built it up in the previous 20 chapters to just randomly give it to everyone
11/20/2023 c39 Guest
It was a really cool battle tho also disappointing how it ended...It undermined the Super Saiyan in it first appearance for this story only to let a cowardly cheater like Tullece be alive as the the big bad villain at least Frieza has the power to back up his arrogance meanwhile Goku uncle is as pathetic as the idea of Granolah and Gas needing a wish to be relevant...Nothing is gonna change tho is a really turn off from the story that Namek arc has ended like that...
11/20/2023 c29 Guest
Man I was hoping that Raditz blasted Aspara and Nappa to oblivion unlike Goku he doesn't need to show them any mercy. Also if their showing against the Ginyu Force was any indication both Nappa and Aspara are absolutely useless in a fight they aren't even worth as a distraction or meat shields despite their arrogance.
11/6/2023 c2 Soul Sendant
bulma and goku don't fit together at all this is complete garbage fucking useless whores ruin everything and no real man would ever look twice at one especially if they are as annoying as bulma
11/6/2023 c1 Soul Sendant
Poor goku doesn't need a used up worthless whore like Bulma this story died before it ever became worth a damn. Bulma is not worthy of goku, and neither is she worth anything at all, definitely not mother material or wife material, for fucks sake the wannabe authors on here can't write to save their lives
11/6/2023 c1 Soul Sendant
Burma is a whore at least chi chi was a good girl and not some used up slut like Bulma. What kind of idiot likes her stupid ass anyways she is the worst character in DragonBall.
10/29/2023 c17 4WildlyLaughing
lol, Garlic Cannon!
10/27/2023 c3 2ThePolishSausageRoaster
I’m enjoying this so far, but there’s some weird character bashing going on, not to mention the entire wedding scene was just weird. (Really, you had to have Goku beat up Yamcha, in front of an audience, shirtless? Don’t really see how that added to the scene at all).

Since this is a long established story, I’m curious to see where this goes, although I hope this kind of stuff is less common.
10/23/2023 c42 Macilnar
As soon as the Dragon Balls can be used again they should wish that any seeds, fruit or trees of the Tree of Might in the Mortal Plan be destroyed.
9/26/2023 c2 12LauraNeatO
What a sweet and subtly romantic chapter! Loved this! I also love play-on-words and/or words with deeper meanings, so that "Don't ever let me go" right there had an ever sweeter tone to it for me. I've been enjoying reading this!
9/26/2023 c1 LauraNeatO
What a great first chapter! I've always been interested in the case of Bulma ending up with Goku. I've tried to start a few fics in the past over the subject, but none have engrossed me the same was as your writing! Great job, LastationLover and Demod20. I look forward to continuing on to read more chapters!
9/24/2023 c50 Aftermath Man
I look forward to Tullece dying he bores me. There are much better villians in the DB universe tht are infinitely stronger and more menacing.
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