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for Dragon Ball - Heart of Adventurers

9/23/2023 c50 2Naruto Loves FemKyuubi
9/23/2023 c50 leonardmosca08
A fantastic story thanks I just didn't get the reminder unfortunately but thank you again the story is amazing keep up the great work guys I look forward to reading more I truly love this dragon Ball z story I do oh.
9/23/2023 c49 4Goku275
Goku ROCKS! :D

9/23/2023 c50 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Meh, suit yourself tullece. Go ahead and kill Bulma. Broly's mutation allowed him ease of access into accessing Wrathful. (And also an insane power growth.)

Go and kill Bulma, make Goku feel despair. The Wrath of the Legend awaits.
8/26/2023 c49 MojoBlack
So you are going on the path that leaves Raditz with no Super Saiyan form? Well as long as he can be strong enough to compete I have no problem with it.

I also wonder if Vegeta will have a son in the future?

It would make for an interesting dynamic I say.

I like this Future Pan already! Do you have some art drawn up of her? I want to see!
8/19/2023 c49 22poetrymagic12
It's been a long while, but I finally caught up.

I am glad you're going the time travel route. I hope you had Goku and Bulma had more children. Maybe a son that that looks a lot like Goku. Future Pan trained. Like how Future Gohan trained Trunks in the bad future timeline with the Androids. Future Pan had him stay in the future while she went to the past. I like the idea of Raditz learning about his future nephew but have to keep a secret from Goku and Bulma. So he can be born. LOL

Please update!
8/18/2023 c33 10jocoleman2017
update please
8/17/2023 c49 Ariadne Venegas
I hope Goku and Bulma had more kids! And Raditz needs to have one or two after all there are no more Sayans. There is Bulma sister… and maybe some other fighter there who could good?
8/17/2023 c49 2Naruto Loves FemKyuubi
Hey LastationLover5000 :3 and I am excited too to see what happens next my friend :D and thanks for another chapter LastationLover5000 :D
8/17/2023 c49 4Goku275
8/17/2023 c49 5Anonymous0ne
Time travel…WHY! I agreed with Beerus that Time Travel caused nothuing but problems! Good Luck.
8/17/2023 c49 leonardmosca08
Another fantastic story piece thank you good luck on your foreign language lessons it won't be easy what exactly are you going to be studying for foreign languages the history of the dialects the referencing or actual speaking it it's not going to be easy whatever you do and again I think oh and I love Yu Yu Hakusho anime right outside dragon Ball z it wants to move my second favorite anime to enjoy and really well done too along with Ronan Kenshin thanks for the update
8/17/2023 c49 8NirvanaFrk97
lmao, woke and chose violence with the back tingle mention
8/16/2023 c1 GeneralShepard
7/26/2023 c1 crissthethief
Damn getting rejected on live tv in front of the whole world is crazy couldn't be me tbh
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