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6/17/2015 c1 32Tellemicus Sundance
There are precious few well-written Bulma/Goku stories on this site. And if you guys can hold to this level of quality, then this will DEFINITELY be one of the best ones! I hope the next chapters come out soon!
6/16/2015 c2 Littlebrwk
What a great chapter, and that last paragraph :D
Can't wait for the next chapter.
6/16/2015 c2 1TS24
fantastic chapter, cant wait to see what happens next. Love Goku/Bulma interaction with one another, it seems very natural
6/16/2015 c2 MisakaSaru
It's great that you tie the new stuff(Jaco) into this story. I love Jaco, Minus, Battle of Gods, Fukkatsu no F all these new things. And it seems you followed up the manga as well, like how Bulma has purple hair. It's brilliant I'm more of a fan of DBZ manga and all those down by Akira Toriyama, so I'm really impressed with this story.

Oh and I always find Bulma calling Goku "son-kun" is absolutely sweet, as i'm also a fan of Japanese version. Or just "Goku" is all right too.

Anyway you've got my attention it's a really really amazing story.
6/16/2015 c2 Hero Entertainment
Wow, Goku blushing is such a foreign concept to me it's almost alien (see what I did there)! Glad to know Jaco is canon to this story, whatever your feelings are on the Bardock special it can't really be denied that Dragon Ball Minus made a bit more sense as someone pointed out to me.

Speaking of Jaco, while your explanation of Goku's growth spurt being the result of his short time in the Room of Spirit and Time was a nice addition it wasn't entirely neccessary. Jaco mentions that Saiyan's have a long childhood but once it's over they immediately grow into a shape more suited for fighting.

Glad to see point out one of Goku flaws here, hopefully her insight can be used to address other issues too and by other issues I'm mainly referring to something that has always been prevalent that I'm amazed it wasn't addressed sooner but has only been brought up recently in Ressurection F by Whis: Goku's over confidence and tendency to relax his guard too much.

Wow, the shrink watch. Got to admit I'd forgotten about that. That takes me back...
6/16/2015 c2 kima
I'm so glad i found this beautiful fic! Goku&Bulma is so perfect together. I'm really anxious to see more.
Well now that goku ang bulma are going to be together, I just hope u guys won't pair Vegeta with chichi( seriously I think Vegeta deserves someone better than chichi). TBH I hope chichi won't appear ever again in the upcoming chapters, 'cause I can't tolerate her whenever she has a scene!
Again this is such a beautiful fic I really wish u guys update ASAP!
6/16/2015 c2 6Mad Library Scientist
You should get Goku to teach her how to fly, like how Gohan did for Videl
6/16/2015 c2 101xXYamchaXx
another very good chapter, keep up the good work when you have time of course.
6/16/2015 c1 xXYamchaXx
straight up amazing idea, and amazingly well written as well.
6/16/2015 c2 The Fool's Journey
It's pretty damn nice to see their relationship progress. Keep up the good work.
6/16/2015 c2 1feral creature
I honestly think that the shrink watch would be the best gift for a Saiyan imagine shrinking and now that grain of rice is the size of a baseball it would answer most of the problems of feeding a saiyan family.
6/9/2015 c1 trebeh
Seeing as how Goku/Bulma is my preferred pairing I am really excited about this story; continue the good work guys and update when you can!
On another note I know its further down the line, but what do you guys think about twins when it comes to them having children?
6/1/2015 c1 8xSeireiHime
Nice! I love it! I wish you both best of luck with your other projects! Until next time! :)
5/26/2015 c1 14pr0dz
To be frank, if Goku met Bulma when he was an adult, I'd think Bulma would find some interest there.
5/17/2015 c1 41DragonKingDragneel25
I tip my hat to you three. Finally, a good Bulma/Goku story. I wish you guys good luck with this. There are not many good Goku/Bulma stories out there.

Truth be told, while I may disagree with your ideas on Chi-Chi not loving Goku and the kids they had together, I agree Bulma is a better character for Goku. They already knew each other pretty well, and liked each other. It wouldn't have taken much to get those two together (and the image of the other Z-Fighters, with or without Yamcha's help, trying to get them together would be funny to see) if Toriyama had decided to put Bulma and Goku together for the canon pairing.

Nothing against Chi-Chi, I like her, but after she married Goku, she just...lost appeal. I mean, if I'm not reading my sources wrong, Chi-Chi was the strongest woman in the whole DB universe. And after she married Goku, she gave it up? Why?

Truthfully, I thought Chi-Chi would've been better off paired with Vegeta. Picture this: if she didn't marry Goku, she would've most likely kept up her training, and Vegeta would've taken note of her because she IS a princess and a strong warrior (compared to other Earthlings anyway); two things that would make Vegeta pause for thought.

Plus, Chi-Chi would probably have a much easier time reigning in Vegeta's planet-sized ego and cooling his temper than Bulma did.

But that's my opinion on the matter. You three have an amazing story, and I can't wait until you post the next chapter! I look forward to reading it.
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