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for Dangan Ronpa: The Courage of Hope and The Strength of Despair

6/8/2015 c10 PoisonBanana
Anything I say will just be redundantly repeating what others have said.

I'm pretty sure that's a good thing.
6/8/2015 c10 ComplicatedMystery
Wow... Monokuma really got in my nerves in this chapter! The way he managed the memorial was just so... ugh... he just pissed me off so much! Poor Tsubasa... I think he got it the worse between all the characters, and Monokuma is not helping. Well... he IS Monokuma after all so of course he's going to be like that. I'm worried for some of the characters... their mental health is the most troubling, with everything that's happening someone is bount to snap.
I think there was a bunch of foreshadowing in this chapter, especially with the new rule... I'm sure that will play a role if not in this chapter, in a future chapter. The wording of the rule though; That's so like Monokuma. Also, Megumi changed from that accident. I wonder if she remembered something important...
Finally, Akio got so much characterisation in this chapter! It was funny seeing him react to Kuno's teasing, and Yuuta just trying not to laugh and joking too. Hilarious! Of course Monokuma had to ruin the moment with the memorial. Seriously, that was so disrespectful for both the dead and the people that cared about them. Anyways, Monokuma's mocking of Akio was pretty intriguing. It also showed the other's characters that Monokuma probably has information of them too, which Monokuma will probably use as a motive later on. And wow... Akio freaked out by the end. He had a pretty bad day, didn't he?
Did you say 'triple update'? I... I can did happy now... This story is just so so good, and to get so many updates... just amazing... seriously you are too awesome. Though, to still update despite your current circumstances. Respect, man, respect. I can't wait to read the exploration scene. Wonder what we'll find next...
6/8/2015 c10 4Mike73
Another great update as usual. It was nice to see more characterization from Akio, who hadn't really gotten a whole lot yet. There was quite a bit of foreshadowing as well, which now makes me worried for a few characters this chapter. I'm also worried to how Kotone and Kimiko are holding up, I can tell they're keeping up a brave face but, but they both shared FTEs with Hibiki and Kenta and had gotten close to both of them.

I'm glad to hear there'll be a triple update this week though! I'll be looking forward to seeing what happens next.
6/8/2015 c10 1LillyShepard
Dang, Monokuma is just cruel. I'm actually starting to like Aiko, he's actually kinda funny. Hmm, the new rule kinda makes me think that's there is gonna be a suicide soon but probably not this chapter. Tsubasa is pretty much on a downward spiral isn't he? Poor guy. Anyway can't wait for the next chapter and if GinMerrics computer is a laptop he might be able to buy like a keyboard that can be plugged into the computer.
6/8/2015 c10 4Gin-Ex-Machina
Argh! That tension, oh man dat tension, HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!.

Wonderful writing work once again. I know, I know, that is nothing new at all for you, right?

There is so much content to talk about here, Yuuta and Kuno shippingz, DEMON LORD AKIO, Akiko being adorable as usual, Makoto being the badass backbone of the group, my Yevan being a gigantic pansy like she usual is [what a let down of a character now, I wonder which person wrote her character], the really twisted memorial, Tsubasa's impending breakdown, Megumi's recovered memories, Fujiwara's actual breakdown.

Oh man I dreaded the amount of shoutouts I've noticed in this chapter as well, oh god.. I ever get to work on the Trope page again, I'll probably die of the overly amount of typing that I need to do.

There is so much I can talk about in detail of what I liked and what really surprised me and so on.
Also I've noted that you cracked up the amount of description you used, both awesome and not so awesome at the same time, but I won't desecrate your work here in the review. You know what to do if you know.. You want to talk it out or anything?

Phew.. Now, back to special event two..

Glorious chapter once again Adzan, I'm honored that humble little me can work with such an ace-writer! :D

[Returns to the hermit writing cave, with a phone and a broken keyboard.]
6/8/2015 c10 2HeroineOfDarkness
I'm starting to like Akio! Mostly because of how funny he reacts to teasing! And how you write Kuno is pure gold! Thanks for that! I like his and Yuuta's weird friendship.

Yea, Monokuma is easily the least respectable person or thing on Earth.

Once again great chapter! I apologize for repeating what you've heard a lot, but I really mean it. You're really a great writer, along with GinMerric of course, especially with your internet situation. That takes a lot of dedication to continue. Sorry for getting sappy. Can't wait till the next chapters, I wonder what the group will find next.
6/1/2015 c9 PoisonBanana
Hmm, well I was notified of this change and your situation does seem rather unfortunate. But hey, on the bright side GinMerric seems like the right person to keep things running around here. From what I could tell everyone seemed to behave correctly and the writing wasn't bad either. So good job to you sir!
6/1/2015 c9 ComplicatedMystery
This was a really moving character. Seeing the twins interact again was probably my favorite part of the chapter. It's quite sad that in the end Hibiki died. But this IS Danganronpa soo... not that surprising that both of them didn't make it alive.

Is quite sad to hear of Adzan's situation. I hope that he does better, not as much for this fanfic but more like his daily life. I been in trouble financially before too so know the struggle that comes with it. Anyways, since I do not know much of the situation, I can only wish for the best for you. Thank you for writing this fan fiction, and working so hard in it. I have really enjoyed it, and appreciate the effort you put in it.

As for GinMerric, he did a fantastic job in this chapter. The way the mood was described was just flawless, I could understand the feelings of each character perfectly, and despite there being some despairingly sad part, there were some funny parts that made me chuckle a bit. His writing style is similar to Adzan too, so the change wasn't too extreme between chapters. There were some differences in style, however, but the change was quite enjoyable so I don't mind it. How to explain it... in general GinMerric's style is more artsy. There's more figurative language, and a more creative way of describing the characters and their surroundings that Adzan didn't quite have . Overall, is pretty enjoyable and unique. I'm enjoying this style, and look forward to his future writings. Also the fact that you're going to take the burden to write this fanfic totally earns my respect. I can see by the way you took the time to create the TvTropes, a picture for each character, a cover page, and now continuing the fanfic shows great determination. Like really... You're awesome to be able to do something like that.
6/1/2015 c9 1LillyShepard
Out of the first chapter and on to the second! This was just lovely I love GinMerric writing style, has a more flowing and sentimental feel to it. So sorry to here about your problem Azdan. I'm pretty sure it must really suck but I'm excited to see Gin work on this story.
6/1/2015 c9 4Mike73
I'm really sorry Adzan that you're going through some tough times right now, I hope things get better for you soon.

This was a good chapter though, it was nice to see more characterization of the characters who've passed away. The twist with Megumi at the end was also nicely done. I'm theorizing that maybe her head injury unlocked some memories, and now she thinks she's at an earlier age than she really is.

Everything was well written, I just have one criticism. It's sometimes hard to tell who's talking, as someone's dialogue and another character's action will often take place in the same paragraph. As a suggestion, maybe paragraphs should be written where each character sort of "owns" a paragraph, and if someone else takes an action or says something, no matter how small, they should get their own paragraph as well.

Other than that though, this was great. I'll be looking forward to future chapters, hopefully they'll come soon.
6/1/2015 c9 dashunterman
Damn, man. That sucks. :( Condolences.
On a brighter note; Welcome GM! _ were you the one who did the character pics for the tropes page? Because those were pretty good
6/1/2015 c9 3Raphmaster14
End of chapter 1! Out of that drama and into even more drama, just what the doctor ordered! Though I'm fairly impressed with GinMerric writing style, it's similar to Adzan yet it has it own unique style, I wouldn't be able to explain what I mean yet this chapter was able to satisfy me. Anywho, sorry to hear about your internet problem Adzan, while I don't know how that will affect your living condition hopefully it'll still be as good as usual.
6/1/2015 c9 2HeroineOfDarkness
First of all, great chapter! You both did excellently! I feel so bad for the twins! And Kenta too!

It's unfortunate to hear that you won't be around as much, but totally understandable.

As I told your new co-writer, I look forward to new chapters and will continue to support this story.

Good luck to the both of you!
5/31/2015 c8 Samphsongsongsong
5/24/2015 c8 4Gin-Ex-Machina
Well, color me surprised. I expected Fujiwara to receive more backlash than we got right now, then again he did slither underneath the brunt of arguments quite well with his: ''I was going to tell it anyway,'' excuse.

Kimiko disturbs me even more right now, for her to play up a false facade in the most direst of moments is quite disheartening, I can see why Yevan would constantly antagonize her. You can't get a good reading on that girl's intentions and that's a scary uncertainty in this situation.

To be honest, I did wonder what happened to SHSL Good Luck, but I shoved it aside since there was no information that cleared up any of my suspicions up until now. So one person is either lying about their talent or gained the SHSL Good Luck title earlier than their current title. An interesting prospect to say the least.

I assume Tsubasa will be lynched at a later point in time, there is no way the group can overlook how he reacted..

Awesome chapter as always and the length doesn't really bother me. Real life has it's utmost priority and college is hell sometimes, I know that pain.
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