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for Dangan Ronpa: The Courage of Hope and The Strength of Despair

5/17/2015 c7 2HeroineOfDarkness
Holy crap! What a twist! I feel really bad for Kenta though, but this IS DanganRonpa... not everyone will get out of this alive...There was a storm going off outside and I literally heard lightning at all the right moments.

Great work finishing up the trial! Can't wait till next Sunday!
5/17/2015 c7 2Utopia Aether
Apex here. You know what? I'm despressed right now. It's just... awful. No one, most especially Kenta, deserved that. No one. The build-up of the trial, the way how it was written, and the execution. They were all amazing. When I read the execution, I felt horrified since the descriptions were kinda graphic. But I felt sad as well. Kenta was one of the people in the cast who was totally cool. And as usual, it was a great chapter. *sigh*

Apex out.
5/17/2015 c7 Guest
Have you watched the anime Death Parade I think thats a great way to go back and develop Kenta and Hibiki if you haven't already started the next chapter
5/17/2015 c7 dashunterman
Damn...Requiescat In Pace, Kenta.
5/17/2015 c7 4Gin-Ex-Machina
(I really am an esper, I refresh the moment I thought the story would be there and guess what three minutes in, it was just three minutes in.)


I never thought it was Kenta, in fact I quickly dismissed him as suspect. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that he'd be the culprit, such a sad twist of fate. I really liked that muscle head, even though his portrait was the most work out of all of them. I'm going to miss ya man, RIP.

Gotta say, great callback to Dangan Ronpa with Hibiki trying to kill but ending up murdered instead. I was having severe Sayaka flashbacks.

You tugged my heartstrings for a moment when Megumi was dragged off along with him, I thought we would have another Fuyuhiko situation on our hands, thank gosh it wasn't the case.

I'm a bit speechless atm, in fact everything I wanted to say seems lost to me now.

Astounding chapter, another great one for the books Adzan. Excuse me.. I'm going to weep in a corner for a bit. *Sniff..*
5/17/2015 c7 PoisonBanana
And then there was 14. I did suspect Kenta slightly, but it is really unfortunate that it was all just an accident. I guess I'll have to wait till next week to see everyone's reactions. Also, on a happier note, that debate with Seijun was pretty funny.
5/11/2015 c6 dashunterman
Really loving the story so far. Gotta say I feel honored that Makoto got the first Rebuttal Showdown Also, I think I smell a potential Makoto/Yevan shipping here _- Keep up the awesome work!
OH! before I forget, tell whoever drew the character portraits that they look pretty good _
5/10/2015 c6 ComplicatedMystery
Hmm... This new development has made the case more difficult than it was already. Since last chapter I thought that the culprit had to be out in nighttime, but quickly dismissed it due to the rules. The fact that there was a loophole in the rules was something I didn't expect, but it makes it even more troubling. Right now everybody is suspicious with the exception of a selected few that are not the culprit since... they helped to much and proved other people's innocence.

The trial was so well written. It took the game's mechanism and made it into a really original, creative and unique approach. How the clues affected the murder were well explain, and made the trail easy to follow. Kudos for this. I haven't enjoyed a trial as much as this one in a long time.

Also, another thing that made the trial interesting were the character interactions. The way every character reacted to each other's statements made it all the more enjoyable. This also shows important traits of each character since it shows how they act during tension.

I cannot wait for next week's chapter! The curiosity as to who the culprit is is killing me! Thank you for being such an amazing author and taking your time for writing such an amazing fanfiction. This story has been really enjoyable and just so perfectly written!
5/10/2015 c6 1LillyShepard
This trial is so cool. I love all the tension going on and basically anyone could be a suspect..Hmm, if you assume that Everytime one leaves or enter their room that it's logged into some form of data list then they just have to look the weirder logs but it isn't going to be that easy at all is it.. Anyway next Sunday can not come quickly enough.
5/10/2015 c6 4Rinjai
Oh Tetsu you might be an idiot but your my idiot but on another note things seem to be heating up and I can't wait to see more.
5/10/2015 c6 Shyjoker
Ah, is that Swedish with rap tunes should be played?
Since I really don't get the damn poem dude! Nyan!

Kenta :"Ah, so are we playing some sort of game?"
Shyjoker :"Yes you are!"
Kenta :"Err game in a I think I know why mini games are born..."
Shyjoker :"Nyan!"
Kenta :"Shut up! The tension killing me here!"
Shyjoker :"Did you even know what tension means?"
Kenta :"Augh...! Errr... s-shut up!"

-Connection Lost
5/10/2015 c6 3Raphmaster14
Well, I can proudly say that I do not understand who the culprit could possibly be, but, that's ok; I'm enjoying the trial immensely, especially with the way you're writing it. Seriously, of all the Danganronpa fanfic that I read that had trial chapter, yours has to be the best one as I could follow it easily and you made a good excuse for the floating words things along with the Cross Sword swiping thing.

I probably shouldn't but I'm still going to take a guess who the culprit is and though it pains me to say it, I think it's Akiko...just for the sake of thinking of her as the killer.
5/10/2015 c6 4Mike73
These chapters just get more and more intense! I had a feeling the murder happened during night time, not just because of the evidence, but also because I'd noticed that the wording of the night time rule was strange. I love how you haven't made the culprit too obvious, I have a couple suspects but now that it could literally be anyone it just makes it that much harder to figure out.

It sucks (and is great) that this ended on a cliffhanger. Next Sunday is not going to come quick enough!
5/10/2015 c6 4Gin-Ex-Machina
Oh, boy. Boy oh, boy..

Virtually no progress made whatsoever, that is the premise of this chapter and it's executed to near perfection.

There were some grammar issues in this chapter, and some overly abundant love for Hibiki, so much so that you even replaced 'Kimiko' with 'Hibiki' once somewhere in the story.

But as usual you show your greatest skill as an writer, your ability to manipulate the story's atmosphere, in this chapter you showcase your excellent expertise in that particular section. I think you may switch your pen-name from 'Adzan' to 'Master of Tension' because in my book you deserve that very title.

I'm not going to bother too much on reviewing the characters at this point in time, since it's established by both me and your other readers that you did that astoundingly well, I have to hand it to you once again that you twist and turn Yevan in such a meticulous manner that she always turns out to be some kind of hot-headed antagonist/anti-hero/wannabe leader, don't ever stop doing that, ever. It's so enjoyable to read the aforementioned tension.

I love the reference to 'by the laws of extension', a common sentence I used to describe certain tropes in the TV Trope page of the fanfic. Also, I WAS RIGHT! I knew it, the murder weapon was indeed a pair of scissors, nice to see that I was at least partially right with my deductions. Though, it seems that Kimiko is out of the clear right now, I don't really buy her innocence just yet. Perhaps the next chapter can convince me otherwise.

(Hehe, it seems like my entire theory was shoved onto Yevan. Neat to see that kind of stuff translating over to the story, I didn't expect her to outright oppose Kimiko.)

Anyways, don't stop writing EVER! You really got the talent for this. Heck I even dub you the SHSL Fanfiction Writer.

(Screw Hifumi, he doesn't deserve that title.)
5/10/2015 c6 2Utopia Aether
Apex here! HOLY CRAP! This trial made my heart jump! When you think about it, Kimiko does seem suspicious. But, it can't be that obvious, right? Wow. And no one has an alibi for the murder? That's crazy! This trial is glueing me to my seat! CAN'T WAIT! For the next chapter!

Apex out!
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