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11/3/2019 c1 9IceK04
it's fantastic. love to read another if/then story from you. keep up the great work
5/23/2015 c1 Guest
Wow beautiful story with a powerful message which do perfect justice to the show. Congratulation my dear, another awesome story!
5/9/2015 c1 FireflyInSummer
This was perfect. I love how you managed, with both of your stories, to fill in the spaces between what's wrotten in the show. I hope this isn't the last you write about this show! It's one of my very favorites and I'm disappointed it closed so soon. Thanks for this! :)
4/19/2015 c1 3ElvenCompanion
I really like this. Such a bitter sweet extension of Liz's story. And really well written.
It's nice to read stories based on te characters rather than odd imagined relationships between the actors. Anyways, loved it.
4/12/2015 c1 17JenniferLaMontagne
Oh wait, what's that? My heart shattering into tiny pieces on the floor? Couldn't be! This was amazing, thank you for writing it xo
4/8/2015 c1 Motherof8
How sad. Thanks

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